My uncle’s Experience With Roadside Food (Mama put)

Created: Tuesday, 27 June 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


I am not much of a fan of road side cooked food that some women hawk (mama put) around due to I have a sensitive stomach and purges easily. I only take it if there is toilet around, maybe when nature comes calling I could go offload. Or maybe when I didn’t see an option of snacks around and am terribly hungry then I take it.

Note, am not condemning roadside food hawkers and their food but talking in terms of our body systems. This particular day I and my uncle went out I didn’t just know what happened to him because he is used to eating road side food from hawkers and nothing bad happens.

3 days ago, I and my uncle went out for a job on a site he was working on. After work we were terribly hungry and there was no place to get snacks around. We were able to find a woman hawking food like Amala, ewedu and eba. Na so we call the woman. I refused ordering because I don’t eat Ewedu. My uncle ordered for Amala and Ewedu. He equally bought for his workers. It was weird watching them eat while I looked. E just be like say I be the odd man for there.

After the meal, I believe they all enjoyed it while leaving me behind to look like lucozade. Na so my uncle settled some few things. 45 minutes later we enter car come go.

Few minutes into our journey back home, na so I come dey perceive one kind weird smell like rotten fish. My uncle noticed my facial expression and my body language. Because it was both of us inside the car, be the AC couldn’t mute the odour. Na so my uncle begin confess oo. That he doesn’t know how he’s stomach was doing him. Na so we whine down glass. Infact that was the begin of another journey of multiple wicked explosions.

It was all like a joke but it wasn’t. My uncle was becoming uncomfortable. He was speeding like a mad man rushing back home to use the toilet. He was sweating like a he goat. Apparently the Amala and Ewedu he took have started working on him. The multiple  bombs he was releasing from his anus can even kill a new born baby. Me sef try to inhale all those stuff.

My uncle said he was pressed and he needed to use the toilet as soon as possible. He drove into the street where he dropped me at one of the pharmacy store to get Andrews liver salt and some other stomach upsetting drugs. I got the drugs and trekked home. I was shocked when I got to the gate and met my uncle’s car front doors opened with the car keys on it. The gate was opened and my uncle was inside. I was surprised and felt maybe he left it like that because he would soon go out. I went inside to discover that he was in the toilet. The thing hold the guy that he no fit drive the car inside. He asked me to drive the car inside which I did. He spent about 20 minutes inside the toilet. We laughed at him like a joke as he visited the toilet once in every 30 minutes. We took it like a joke till he began stooling blood. He complained that he doesn’t have strength. We had to rush him to the hospital and he was admitted. What we thought it was a might issue saw us spending about N75,000, and we still have to spend more. The doctors said it was food poisoning which we presumed was the Road side Amala and ewedu. Though they are still conducting more tests on him.

Note please don’t get me wrong, our body system is different. Am not saying that we shouldn’t patronize road side food hawkers but be careful the kind of food we eat. Even the restaurants and fast foods are not perfect too. Be careful of what and where you eat.

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