Five (5) categories of people you find on Instagram comment section

Created: Monday, 03 July 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

instagram comments

Instagram is a great social media where you meet different kinds of people. We have mad people offline going around the streets, we also have mad people on Instagram. They display their own madness on social media. Some of them display their own on comment section.

Here are 5 categories of people you can find on instagram comment section.

The advertisers: I’m not a fan of this category of people. They go around post and promoting their products and services in people’s comment boxes. You will create a post and they will comment and advertise their weak ejaculation, intimacy products and or other products.

The attention seekers: This ones are attention seekers, they are just everywhere dropping controversial comments most especially on celebrities pages. They be looking for celebrities to reply their comments.

The beggars: This categories of people go on instagram comment box of celebrities and popular people to beg for money. We have the ones begging money to start up business, the one who need money for final year project and other ones who want money for school fees.

The Abusers: This category of people are trolls, they can never see anything good in a post, they will throw abuses on any post for no good reason. Imagine putting up a motivational post, but they would come up to abuse you on comment section. They will equally abuse fellow commenters on the post, turning the topic upside down.

The commenters who reply with Emoji: This are the category of people who reply almost their comments with emojis. They rarely use texts but emojis through out.

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