6 Group of People Some Young People Want To Impress With Success By Showing Off

Created: Monday, 10 July 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

The economic situation in Nigeria has never been favourable to common Nigerians. All the hardship has ignited the passion on so many of us to succeed most especially the young people. Most young people are under pressure to succeed so as to impress other people, telling them they have made it. The pressures on young people to succeed are becoming enormous. They want to make it and show off thereby leading them to fall into dubious crime. You even see some of them showing off what they don’t have on social media.

Here are six (6) groups of people youths are wanting to Impress that they are doing well with their life.

Parents: some parents are guilty of this, most youths tend to be under pressure from parents to succeed, so the world could see they are better than their pears.

Pear Group: Young people  seeing others in their age grades succeeding while it looked as if nothing positive is happening in their life. They are in a haste to succeed to impress their pears. They want to make a statement that they are succeeding too.

Friends: Most of us want to we better than our friends. They bought new cars, clothing, we want to be better than them, as if we are competing with them. So they do anything they can to make money to Impress.

Girls: some young guys are yet to set their priorities straight, some get their money to impress women, carry women. They want to show off to girls that they have money.

Exes: Some guys that girls had jilted because they are broke, they will find every possible means to make money to spite on their ex. They want their ex to regret leaving them.

Fans: This one applies to mostly celebrities and influential people. Celebrities show off to their fans either to encourage and motivate them or to intimidate them.

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