12 Year Old Boy Barks Like A Dog After Beaten By Dog in (Photos & Video)

Created: Thursday, 13 July 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Some months back one of my 5 year old nephew came shouting and crying that their neighbor’s dog licked his leg. You need go see the way the mum grabbed him and took him to the hospital. She thought its wasn’t only lick, probably the kid was also beaten by the dog because of the way he was shouting and crying. The doctors confirmed he wasn’t beaten.  The kid’s dad was like, “ordinary lick wey dog lick him leg that’s why the mom took him to the hospital.”

12 Year Old Boy Barks Like A Dog After Beaten By A Dog

Even me sef didn’t take it serious. But many have died from ignorance and dog bite.

But we have to be conscious of our health and for those who have dogs as pets, if a rabies dog a person or your kid, take them to the hospital to be treated because if not, the person may die. If after dog bite and the person is not treated, after a week or two, they start barking like a dog and end up dead.

12 year old boy


12 year old

It’s very sad seeing this one, this video was sent to my sister yesterday by a doctor, of a 12 year old boy beaten by a dog that has rabies. He wasn’t treated early enough, causing him to bark like dog. 

Well my heart goes out to his family, hope and pray he comes out of this. I pray God heals him.

Below is the video, follow this link to watch the video.   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FWXKoQ0UICc

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