Created: Monday, 31 December 2012 Written by Christian Ozor C.

  I have always been a good Christian. To me my faith permits marriage but I can’t just marry anybody. Marriage was already in my mind as at that time, age was not much on my side. I was just 35. Even though my finances was a

 little bit low I prayed fervently to God to give me the right person. I have always believe in my dreams because most of my dreams do come to pass. I once had this dream during were I went to farm. As I walked in, I saw a young lady with a paw-paw fruit on her hand. She was very beautiful and I could see the face clearly though I have not seen her before. She told me to come collect a portion from it. As I walked towards her, immediately I stretched my right hand to collect the paw-paw I woke up. I found out it was a dream.

Two weeks later I was returning from evangelism, I saw a very beautiful young lady preaching to some group of young men in the neighborhood. I decided to come closer to listen to her message very well. I began enjoying her message, she was so fluent. Her beauty didn’t attract me as such, what attracted me the most was her charisma and the way she preached. I decided to sit on one of the empty chairs at the back. After the message, I approached her, we exchanged pleasantries and introduced ourselves, I requested walking her home and she agreed. We chatted and talked as I walked her home. I got to her house and we spent over 2 hours talking. I really enjoyed her company that I requested if we could do a joint evangelism together , she agreed.

As we go to evangelism together we became closer and fond of each other. I was not comfortable with our relationship as just friends, I wanted us to go to a next level. I asked her to marry me, she appreciated my courage but she asked me to go and pray to God about it while she does the same too. In my mind I was very sure that she is the right one for me.

A month later as we were going to visit some of our new converts, she turned to me and told me that she has agreed to marry me. I was just so happy about the good news.

We courted for about 6 months and we started the preparations for the traditional rites. It proved a little difficult when we (me and my family) went to see her parents. They insisted that all the drinks we will bring will be alcohol (ogogoro, sepe), because they from isoko in Delta state. Isokos love taking alcohol a lot. I totally refused buying any alcohol because it’s outside my faith. I gave them my own option of what I will do. I told them I can’t buy them alcohol, I will rather give them the money so they can make do with anyhow they like. They refused my offer, they still insisted that I must buy the alcohol if I must marry their daughter. I myself refused too, I told them that in fact I wasn’t interested in the marriage any more if I have to buy alcohol as the drinks. Later on they called me back after 3 months. They said they don’t want anything to stand in their daughter’s happiness. They accepted my offer to take the money, and the traditional rites was completed.

We started planning our wedding immediately after the traditional rites , I don’t want to waste much time about it. I wanted it to be a month after the traditional rites, even though I don’t have much money for the wedding, I have to make do with the little I have. My wife to be just graduated from the university about 3 months ago, she has not found a job. I myself an NCE holder and a class teacher , I only have about N50,000 in my account, I just have to manage it because I already told her we wouldn’t borrow or beg, we just have to spend N30,000 for that wedding while the other N20,000 will be for our upkeep after the wedding while I wait for the result of the interview I did which I believe and sure I passed very well because they had informed me that before a month time they will call me back for the appointment. It is a good well paying job. Not forgetting that my fiancé will look for job too to reduce the responsibility. I was so sure that we will have much guests even unwanted once too because is a village. I told her is either we give them biscuits and drinks or .rice and fish with water. We have to cut our coat according to our material.

On that wedding day, our guess was actually right because we had over 700 people as guests including uninvited once. The whole of the reception was full. We made a very beautiful small cake worth N2000 though we didn’t share it because it will not get to everybody, it is just for “cutting of cake” item between the bride and groom. Thank God we made use of rice and fresh fish, the people sharing just have to manage it little by little so that it will get to everybody. It was 2 bags of rice. We made available about 7 drums of water, after eating you take water, no drinks or meat, no high table or chairman.

Finally am happy I was married to the love of my life and the wedding was successful. To those who spent or are spending big budgets for wedding/marriage, borrowing for people to be impressed, at the end of the day all of us have one thing in common! Which is “We all got married”







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