My Conversation With A Native Doctor Concerning Money Rituals

Created: Monday, 07 August 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

money ritual

I and my colleagues were sent to a remote village in the south western part of Nigeria for some work. It was just an engineering work that was supposed to take us just for 3 days but ended up taking 7 days.

The house we were given to stay was owned by a native doctor. We were given the boys quarters while the landlord who is the native doctor was staying in the duplex.

I and my colleagues were scared because it was the house of a native doctor. But we were assured that we have nothing to be scared of, the only thing is we mind our business and don’t look for trouble. Na so me and my colleagues begin dey respect ourselves. My own is for us to do and get out of that place. I and my colleagues were not so happy sef, the firm didn’t see anywhere else to get us a house, it was the house owned by a native doctor, he even lives there sef.

2 days later, I and my colleagues returned to the compound to meet a crowd of people. Na so everywhere full with people for the compound. Na so we mind our business come go our rooms. But the noise in the compound was so distracting. It was later after some calmness has returned to the place. One of the indigene that visited us, we asked him what happened. He explained that it was a young man who came with his friends to baba ilajo (native doctor). The guy want to pull down one rich maga, so he wants to add “plus” to the “Yahoo” to make it “yahoo plus.” But it was unfortunate for the guy that the concussion baba ilajo gave to him to use, but the guy ran mad which was why they brought him back to baba and everywhere filled with people.

Na so fear they catch us for that compound. Make we do comot for the community.

The next day evening I and my colleagues where outside the house taking some fresh air when baba ilajo came to us. Fear be don catch us because we dey fear the man. Na so baba sit down join us come dey advise us. That was when he brought out the incident that happened the previous day of the yahoo guy that that ran mad after taking his concussion.

There were shocking things he (baba ilajo) revealed about money rituals. He said that, any one that did money rituals and succeeded, became rich, that person would eventually be rich if they work hard. So that means if you come to them for money rituals, the rituals only make the money come faster but there would always be consequences. And if you see anyone who did money rituals and didn’t succeed, they weren’t destined to go far more than what they have in life. That is to say that everyone has the ability to be rich, bjt it all depends on time. Money rituals fast forwards the timing without much hardwork. 

I was so curious because I noticed from most movies I watch, and even in reality, native doctors will make charms for people who end up in mansions, big cars and houses, and yet they (native doctors) live in abject poverty. Na so me sef ask baba ilajo why its most times so. I don’t know if he was being sincere or truthful with his answers, but he said most native doctors are not rich because they don’t want to. I ask why didn’t they want to be rich, at least we all want good things of life.  Baba said that he’s rich and he’s not lacking, at least the house we are staying is his.

Yes the house we stayed is his, but he can still be richer than. If I want to do money rituals, I will surely be the world’s richest man, if not I’m not doing.

Baba ilajo said most native doctors chose to be poor because anything relating to money ritual is not permanent, something bad surely comes with it. Baba was trying to be diplomatic with answers, he doesn’t want to open up more.

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