Photos: My Crazy Adventurous Journey To The National Assembly (NASS) Complex

Created: Friday, 18 August 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

So I decided to start trying new stuff in blogging and branding. I watched a video where Senegalese born American artiste Akon was speaking and advising African businesses and entertainers about telling African stories

According to Akon, “the biggest branding country that knows how to brand is America.” He said people who haven’t been to America but watch Hollywood movies, they would think America is just like heaven on earth, great security, crime rate is low and so many good things. But all that is not true. The only thing is that America knows how to brand their image on the media. Chicago is one of the deadliest crime centers in America. The crime rate, gang shootings to death in Chicago per day is quite high, but the American media don’t focus on that.  The media focuses on the good side of America. They don’t show American real hood, villages and slums. We only see bright lights, beautiful artifacts and structures. That’s America for you, the king of branding.

So we Africans have to start telling our own stories, rebranding a positive image about ourselves. All that prompted me to start up extracting or showcasing some beautiful structures and places we have in my city of Abuja.

There are so many beautiful structures and places, tourist centers in Abuja, and I will be showing you some cute photos from those places.

My first quest was the National Assembly complex (NASS). Some people call that place “house of budget padding criminals,” some say it’s a place where the selfish Nigerian demons discuss how destroy Nigeria. But we all know that it’s a place where Nigerian laws are made and it’s the second arm of the government. And the complex has the arm of the senate (red chamber) and house of representatives (green chamber).

I told my sister I would be going to National Assembly complex to just take some cute photos of the structure since I heard the building is one of the most beautiful in Nigeria. She was happy about it. “That’s a good idea,” she said. I know she has been there so I asked so I can know if there are some information concerning protocols, so I won’t just go there and be embarrassed. 

But wait oo, to some people it sounds crazy going to NASS just to be taking pictures. I presumed there will be heavy security over there and I may not be allowed to enter. “Who am I looking for there? if I was asked who I came to see, what will I say?” All that where questions popping out on my mind. But my sister said the day she went there, there was easy access for her. Well, she went there on an official assignment so there would be easy access. My own na to just take pictures of the building. “Just to take pictures of the building complex,” sounds crazy somehow.

I dressed up and headed towards the Eagles square in central business district, Garki. When the cab that I entered dropped me at the Eagle’s square, at a newspaper vendor close by, I saw people arguing about Buhari. It nearly turned into a fight. Na so me ignore them jare waka my own dey go till I got to the main junction of the national Assembly. I saw the Nigerian Army in there van mounted there. Na so fear hold me. That was my first time going there. Not too far from there, I saw some protesters with heavy policemen on ground. I began contemplating either to continue this adventurous journey or to halt. Na so I just born, waka pass the Army them. Na so the place and flowers fine. I walked towards another check point/gate. That one I see police people, even customs sef. I thought I will be stopped but nothing like that happened. This is the NASS street. From this road, you go come enter the main road.

National assembly Road

National Assembly

Nass road


Then I entered the main road leading to the National Assembly complex. Make I no lie, the road to the place fine. Even the bushes in that place will even confirm that there is money in the national assembly. I didn’t take any cab through the road. I intentionally trekked it so I can take some photographs and then a little sightseeing. I saw some building structures around the place. This is the main road leading to the complex.

Nass road2

Nass road 1


As I walked closer to the main gate of National Assembly, admiring the structure from afar. I got to the main gate that leads to the NASS, I was so confident since I have passed two main strategic point undisturbed. There was a road diversion at my left and a car park. But I wasn’t bothered about those ones. My target na to enter the main compound. Na so I dey waka come see heavy police men. I was just walking confidently when one of the officers called me. He asked where I was going to and who I was looking for there. small fear come enter inside me. I came closer to him and explained that I was just a tourist going to take few photo shots of the NASS complex. He looked at me in a weird manner. I guess it sounded crazy to him. “Just going there to take photos!” But I was sincere to him. The security official told me it wasn’t possible for me to just go in and start taking photos. Due to the insecurity situation they can’t just allow me. He even said I should even thank God i hadn’t even entered inside, they would have arrested me. Maybe I will be gracing the front pages of newspapers and social media that a spy, hoodlum had been caught in NASS complex. Maybe I would be used as scape goat for sacrifice, in return for the security agencies to get accolades and distract the Nigerian media. “Who will even believe my story? Who even knows my father sef.”

I thought of what the security official said and immediately turned my back, returning to where I came from. My moral almost dropped, but I encouraged myself and went to other beautiful strategic locations to take snap shots.

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