16 Things That Would Have Happened If Hurricane Harvey Had Happened In Nigeria

Created: Friday, 01 September 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

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I’m sure most of us are aware of the natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey in Texas, United States of America. I really admired the way the American government, the people are handling the issue. If Hurricane Harvey had happened in Nigeria, here are 16 things that you will likely see.

  1. President Buhari will blame Jonathan and former administration for the chaos.
  2. APC government will blame PDP for 16 years of misrule. PDP will blame APC for 2 years of chaotic leadership.
  3. Fayose will make the news. He will blame Buhari’s ear defects for not taking advice of Nigerian geographical agencies to prevent the issues.
  4. Death toll would have gotten to over 10,000 and over 3 million people displaced
  5. Controversies surrounding accurate number of casualties. The media will report 50,000 deaths and 3m people displaced. Police record will be 80,000 deaths and 4m people displaced. Their report will be different from Army, DSS.
  6. Another IDP camp will be set up.
  7. Nigerian celebrities (most especially the Z Lists) will look for a way to re-launch their career through the incident. Some will come to the media to announce the donations of exorbitant amounts, but won’t fulfill. The few ones that will do, some of them would take relief materials to the displaced, take photos with them and upload on social media (doing for the media).
  8. Slay queens have seen an avenue for attention. Some ladies will take photos of them inside the flood and upload on social media. You will see captions like, “Chilling inside the flood, God saved me.”
  9. Some religious leaders would say God is only punishing us for our sins with the flood. And so many houses would be turned to prayer houses praying that God should forgive our sins.
  10. Ethnicity and tribal war. Imagine if the incident happened in south eastern state like Enugu, some Yorubas and Hausas will blame Nnamdi kanu and his IPOB group for their sins. Infact they will even wish that the flood wash away IPOB and Kanu, or even kill all of them because of their foolishness and Biafra agitation. If it happened in south western state like Ogun, some Igbos and Hausas will call them Afonja, ritual den and headquarters of skull mining association of Nigeria because of the terrible state of ritual killings and animal parts dealings in the area. They would abuse Awolowo and wished the whole of Yorubas are killed by the flood. Imagine if it happened in the north like kano, some Igbos and Yorubas will blame the Arewa, that God is punishing them for the quick notice given to the Igbos. They will also blame the past northern leaders who were not able to develop the region after about 30 years of power being in the north.
  11. Political cheap points. PDP will use the opportunity to score some points with campaigns.
  12. Massive looting and corruption- Government would disburse funds but it would be an avenue for corrupt people to share from the money.
  13. Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Otedola and other rich and powerful elites would donate billions of naira. UN, US and other foreign agencies would donate money and relief materials, but don’t be surprised that you will see them selling the relief materials in Balogun market or Ariaria market. Money donated, you won’t see impact of it or what was done with the money. Hunger will be high in flood IDP.
  14. After the disaster, some people in the IDP camp will refuse to go back home. Apparently they have found a new home in the camp as the want to continue living in the camp.
  15. Government response would be very poor and late.
  16. It won’t attract much international attention.

Please pray and stand with Benue on the recent flood, some parts of the state capital, Markudi is flooded. i heard over 100,000 people are displaced . #IstandWithMarkudi 

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