Asuu Strike: This Photos Will Tell You That Nigerian Top Government Officials Don't care About The Educational Sector

Created: Wednesday, 13 September 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor
When GEJ was the President, all his children were schooling in Nigeria here. His first two daughters graduated from university of Calabar, attended Nigerian law school in Abuja. His third daughter and son were attending the British school in Abuja. But this can’t be said of our so called “Mr. integrity President Buhari whom most of his children attending schools abroad.

It was a shock some few weeks back to learn that ASUU went on strike in this Buhari’s administration. Our government officials are not being sincere. They send their children abroad to study, leaving the children of poor masses to languish in the poor educational system here which they refuse to develop.

Looking at this four photographs below, you can see that they (elites), our politicians don’t even want to associate their children with Nigerian education; they send their children to go study abroad. To them ASUU strike can go to hell while their kids go abroad to study.

Looking at the below photos, you won’t have any doubt that our leaders no send our educational system. They send their kids abroad to study.

First photo- President Buhari, his daughters and son, Yusuf who graduated from a school in London.

IMG 20170912 160435

Second photo- Imo state governor, Rochas and his son on his graduation ceremony in London.


Third photo – Senate President Saraki  with his son at his graduation ceremony in London.

IMG 20170912 160447

Fourth photo – Sokoto state Governor , Aminu Tambuwal, wife at their son's graduation in London.



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