Six (6) Reasons Why Abuja Is One Of The Best Cities To Live In Nigeria

Created: Monday, 30 October 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


Abuja is a beautiful city and the capital of Nigeria, the seat of power and where the matters of Nigeria is being discussed. The city houses most of the headquarters of the government agencies.

Abuja is awesome and I love the city. Here are 6 reasons why Abuja is one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.

Security: Being the federal capital of Nigeria, Abuja is the most secured city in Nigeria. The security situation in Abuja is better than any other cities in Nigeria. At least is safer living in Abuja to any other cities in Nigeria.

Good road network: this is just so obvious that Abuja has one of the best road network in Nigeria

Space: Abuja is not congested with building structures like other cities in Nigeria. The city was well planned with enough space to accommodate fresh air. 

Low cost of living: Some people might dispute this but it’s very true. We all are aware that food stuff are cheaper in the Northern part of Nigeria

Abuja makes you more organised: Staying or living in Abuja makes one more organised. Abuja is a political city, you just have to be careful and organised in everything you are doing, unless you want to easily get into trouble.

Good serene environment: Abuja arguably has one of the best serene environment in Nigeria. Enough fresh air, beautiful environment, good space and healthy transportation network system.

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