The annoying bad Process a company put me through just to give me their job

Created: Tuesday, 26 December 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor


I think its high time the federal government review our labour laws to favour her citizens so that recruiters won’t waste applicants time in the name of recruitment.

Some few weeks back I applied for a job as an intern in an Outsourcing, auditing and financial firm in Lagos. Few days later after my application, I was sent a message with a link to further complete my application which I did.

Few days later another email came in with a link to complete an online assessment test, I also did. Few days later a mail was sent to me that I passed the online assessment test with score of 86%. I was happy that I was going to soon land a job. Na so I begin wait to get a call back, till 2 weeks later I was sent a message to come for an interview. After the interview, that evening I got another email to come for another interview 2 days’ time.

2 days’ time came and I went for the interview, after the interview I was told to go home and wait for their response.

5 days later I was sent a message to complete another online assessment test which I did. The result was sent to me a day later in which I scored 78. I was invited to come for an oral interview which I did. After that they said I should come the next day for written interview. Na so body begin pepper me for all their long processes. But I humble because na me dey find job.

After the written interview I didn’t hear from them again not until two weeks later they called that I should come to their office. Na so I go there. I got there and I was told they want to interview me. I began wondering because I wasn’t told I was coming for an interview, the lady who called me only told me that they would like to see me. Na  so I stay cool come do the interview, waka go my house.

2 days later I was called to come for documentation that I have gotten the job. Mind you during the process of the interview we never talked anything concerning salary.

I went to the office for negotiation of salary and documentation. Na there dem tell me say my salary na N30,000, no other incentives. I was speechless, I couldn’t talk. N30,000 for someone staying in Egbeda then going to Ikeja every day, 9-5pm, sometimes even weekends. In the conditions of the job there was a place it was stated that employee would sometimes work under pressure and anytime (even Saturdays) you are called upon for some job you must be there at the office. All with N30,000. I don’t have problems with the conditions if the salary is much. They didn’t even allow me to negotiate. “This is what we can offer you,” the lady said.

Guess what I did when I was told if I would still take the job after telling me the salary and conditions. I thanked her for everything and told her I wasn’t interested. This one is slavery nah. I stood up and left, went back home and slept.

All these wierd processes should stop in 2017....

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