Here Are Some Social Media Attitudes We Need To Adjust In 2018

Created: Friday, 29 December 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

As we gradually whine down 2017, swimming into 2018, social media has left memories in our lives, both good and bad in 2017. Many have been deceived by what they saw, many will still be deceived.

But Note: Posts, comments, reactions and interactions on Social media sometimes can be considered an illusion. In the sense that social media can be likened to reality shows. They usually reveal to you what they want you to know about them.  If only you really know about those persons behind those handles you follow, the place they work, their family, lifestyle, mental state and how their reality is, I bet you may likely not be fooled about what they post. The time you move closer to them, you realize things are not so good like they paint it to be on social media.

Social media is many shades of many things good and bad, but you can project it to what you want it to be for you. Either to live a social media fake life or to build innovative strategies and positive network that can give you a real good life.

Stop being pressured by some of the things you see on social media, some of them are mere illusions. All those things has made so many youths go into e-begging, 419 and defrauding others on social media just to live life for the gram.

There are so several ways of making money on social media genuinely, social media marketing and promotions is one of them. So many youths are becoming social media influencers, businesses are moving towards digitalization and online sales. Capitalize on this advantage to sell your market, brands and network.

As we swim into 2018, the election year is approaching, political campaigns will be hitting off, monies will be rolled out, and politicians will recruit youths that are social media savvy to handle media for them. Be smart and professional, and mind what you post on social media. Remember, social media never forgets.

Here are social media attitudes we need to adjust in 2018

  1. As a critic, learn to accept criticism a smile
  2. Avoid serious and heavy arguments on social media
  3. Stay away from bitter, angry and hateful tweepers, posts and comments
  4. If you know you are not ready for any consequences, don’t start controversial arguments and issues on social media.
  5. Clapbacks & hateful comments: You will constantly get insulted with hateful comments without any tangible reasons by people who barely even know you. If you constantly keep thinking of best/savage reply to give, before you know it, you did realize you have wasted your time without achieving anything. Dem no dey give award for savagery oo.
  6. Engage people in constructive criticisms rather than insults and abuses.
  7. Let your posts be fun, entertaining, engaging, educating. If you are being sarcastic, do it well.
  8. Understand there is a social media life and real life
  9. Build good relationships, make great friends on social media because you never can tell who will get you that connection that will take you far.
  10. Avoid fake lives and fake friends. Note; Many are broke but live a rich life on social media.
  11. Happy 2018.



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