3 ways To Deal With Cyber bullies

Created: Monday, 09 April 2018 Written by Christian C. Ozor


As at 10 years ago, we only talked about physical, emotional and verbal bullying. Then the internet and social media wasn’t strong enough to accommodate another form of bullying. But today, we have online forums, blogs, social media, and here comes the rise of cyber bullying. We now have cyber bullies, where people online harass, insult, curse or peddle rumour against and about other people. This behavior is intentional using electronic form of contact repeatedly. Some of the victims cannot even defend themselves.

Here are 3 ways to deal with cyber bullies

Defend yourself/Bully them back: If you are being cyber bullied, try to defend and stand up for yourself. I have come to realize that many times when you stand up for yourself, the bullies shamefully stay away. When you give them a dose of their own medicine with epic reply and clapbacks, some of them will leave you alone.

Take the pain, be strong and Ignore: Some people are so emotional, if you know you can’t reply bullies, just be strong and ignore them. Sometimes   when you are being bullied and you ignore, they are trying to get your attention. When they realize you are not giving them the attention they seek, some tend to free you.

Leave the platforms you are being bullied: Any online platforms you are being bullied, leave the platform to save you little stress. Sometimes you get depressed seeing negative comments about you. You just have to leave those platforms and avoid going through posts and comments that are meant to bully you.

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