BBNaija: Here Are Some Weird Characters About The Top 5 (Opinion)

Created: Monday, 16 April 2018 Written by Christian C. Ozor


As we slide in to the final week of #BBNaija2018, Double Wahala, it’s been long weeks of games, controversies, and all manner of tantrums being thrown among fans and viewers of the #BBNaija show. Me, I can’t just wait for the show to come to an end.

In life, no one is perfect in terms of character/attitude, every man has that ill attitude that turns people off. But we all have tolerate each. Many of us stay outside to criticize the Housemates, but our character is far worse than theirs.

This is the last week of BBNaija and we only have this 5 housemates standing tall towards the price money of N45m. The standing 5 are Alex, Nina, Tobi, Miracle and Cee C. After watching them for this long 80 days, below is what I observed about their character.

Alex: Alex is jovial, friendly, smart and intelligent, but sometimes unorganized. And she talks too much. She would complain about other people’s flaws forgetting she has hers.

Nina: People feels she’s dumb but “No”. Nina is very brilliant, only that she lacks ethically verbal sense of communication on interviews. She’s not diplomatic but very direct when answering questions from Ebuka, which sometimes her answers gets her and the audience confused. Beyonce surfers from similar thing, that’s why she rarely grants interviews to press. Nina is brilliant and needs to be thought the etiquettes of press, interview communication, and also build self-confidence and her carriage.

Tobi: Smart, intelligent and very competitive. He has the body of an adult but mind of a child. A man that’s a gossip queen, gossips too much and most times behaves childish.

Miracle: cool, calm, smart and brilliant. But he’s egocentric. He rarely apologizes to women after wrong doing.

Cee C: Cee is very brilliant, smart and intelligent. In my opinion she’s by far the realest housemate. She showed her true reality in the house, no pretense. But she has anger problem. She easily gets irritated over little issues. She needs to work on her emotions and anger.

Like I said, no one is perfect including me. This is just the little I observed about the last standing housemates. How about you, what other attitude did you observe about them? Drop your comments


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