Business ideas You Can Venture In On Campus As A Funaab Student

Created: Monday, 24 February 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

As a student on campus, we need extra cash to sustain our daily expenses. In as much as we need the cash, our parents can’t provide everything for us, for those who can, they do some little decent jobs that bring in cash into their pockets or account. And if you can sustain it till you graduate, you can as well follow up, maintain and build it into a big empire that creates jobs. Big companies like facebook and even Nigerian’s biggest job site Jobberman, the founders of these companies created it during their undergraduate days. As a funaab student, welcome to this new session, if you want more pocket money and you are thinking of businesses to do on campus that can fetch you money and you can’t seem to figure out the one to go into; well I have got some ideas I believe can help you. Here are some lucrative businesses you can venture into…..

1.    Yellow Pages—I tagged it yellow pages, but after reading it you can give it your own name. Yellow pages are pamphlets that contains news, gists, entertainment news and happenings on campus. It can be a mini-newspaper. When you go to universities in advanced countries and even some in Nigeria, they have this kind of thing. But in Funaab, our only source of offline information is notice boards and, the majority of them are restricted on only school academical stuffs. People are complaining that we have no social or good entertainment lifestyle in Funaab, but all these yellow pages/journal/ mini-newspaper will help give students good entertainment, news and happenings in and around the school. How to go about it. Going about it is not much difficult. Choose either to make your publication daily or weekly,(but weekly is preferable). Make sure you are aware and, source for authentic news on what is happening in and around the campus, students and others. In publishing, start with 4 pages (it will be cheaper). Some exciting stuffs to add to your mini newspaper are, face or student of the week, upcoming events on campus, features on funaab artistes, models and “big boys and girls of funaab (that is the rich students in funaab) ,e.t.c. Making money.To make money out of this, you charge students, eateries or other brands in funaab. Charge them small amount of money to advertise their brands. Please note that I will not advise you to sell your publications because students like freebies, many people won’t buy it. Just make your money from adverts for a starter, so as the business becomes more bigger and popular, depending on your strategy you can decide to start selling your yellow pages.

2.    Selling wears, clothes, accessories. Most guys sell clothes, men’s wear and so on while ladies sell wigs, artificial hair and some makeup stuffs and, other female accessories. This kind of business is good only that many people are so ashamed to do it. Carrying clothes and other stuffs to lecture rooms and asking if people will buy. “forming things” Even when you no get money you dey form. Starting this kind of business, you don’t need much fund. With N3,000 one can start up. For those starting this kind of business, make sure you know what students will like, and are willing to buy. Make sure your prices are cheaper than the ones in the market; it gives you a better advantage for them to purchase your goods. Finally, try as much as possible to market, advertise yourself, brand and products; this is one major area most of us are not getting right. We don’t promote or market our brands. Let’s try and market our brand for people to know us more.

3.   Magazine Publication- Creating or publishing a magazine doesn’t take efforts of only a person. Various people come together and put their heads together to achieve their aim. As a funaab student, I had nursed the idea of publishing a magazine but I am involved in so many business ventures, so I have to let the idea pass by. Maybe in the future I will do that, by then I no go be funaabite, na alumni. For you to achieve this, bring couple of friends together, like 4 friends with each putting N5,000 each into it. with N25,000 you can produce a standard magazine. Sourcing for contents. To source for contents in your magazine, funaab has great writers (stories, articles), just get in touch with them to help you with good write-ups and some other contents. Interview lecturers, top funaab administrators and students. There are some people who do great things in funaab, students will love to know about them. Do interviews and put the excerpts in your magazine for people to read. Making Money from it. You can make your money, meet top brands, eateries in school and outside for them to advertise their brands on your magazine. They get to pay you for that. After the final production, you sell your mag and still make more money. (make sure the mag is cheap enough for students).

4.      Online social media Marketing—A friend of mine has over 20,000 followers on his facebook fan page and the only thing he knows how to post is “how a man meets a woman, have sex with her and walks away” and some explicit stuffs, I was like “what !”, because he’s just wasting those precious facebook  likes. People like Japhet Omojuwa who has over 50,000 on twitter get paid by Coca-cola just to tweet “drink coca cola today”. I know of someone who has about 8,000 facebook likes, some small brands pay him N1000 to post and promote their brands on his page. So if you have about 800 to 1000 followers on your facebook or twitter, you better capitalize on it, build your page and get more followers, you will see that people and brands will run to you for you to help advertise their products on your page. Almost every one of us reading this article have facebook or twitter account, all you need for this is to build your followers and likes because you can’t do this kind of business without good number of people following your page. Make sure u post relevant stuffs on your page and be consistent, it draws people to your page and gets you likes and followers, from there you are good to go. People will contact and pay you just to tweet or write about their brands on your page.

5.      Customization of clothes—Customizing, tagging of clothes and accessories is a lucrative business one can go into. It entails customizing clothes, shoes, handbags and some other things. If you don’t know how to go about it, just meet people into it, there are many guys/students who customize stuffs, they may be gracious enough to teach you. Even if it requires you giving them small money, just do it; you are investing on yourself which will definitely pay off.

6.      Small scale or mini Importation online- I like this business, it’s easy and simple once you know the kind of products, goods people want. What you need here is to buy products online from Abroad and resell them here in Nigeria. So many people don’t know that they can do importation of goods from abroad on their own with as low as 15dollar, which is equivalent to N2000. You don’t need to have millions of Naira to import goods from abroad to resell in Nigeria. You pay with Mastercard or visa, GTB mastercard is widely accepted on major online stores, you can still make use of UBA Africard or Zenith Prepaid card. If you have an account with GTB then you will definitely have their ATM mastercard. For UBA Africard, you don’t need to have an account with them to have the card likewise Zenith prepaid visa card. Just walk into any of the bank’s branches to apply for the card. But I prefer UBA Africard because it’s not linked to your account, you only fund it when you want to use it. You only fund the Africard in Naira then go online and buy whatever you want to buy, when you pay they will deduct the equivalent in dollars. GTB is linked to your account, mistakenly if you fall into a scam site, all your money will be deducted. There are thousands of online shops that you can buy goods from the comfort of your home, sites like, . You can still search for more on google. Please note that some online stores are scam, they are just there to defraud people off their money. Be careful the kind of websites you buy goods. But there are still genuine websites to buy products online.

7.      Event Decoration—Event decoration is a money spinning machine. Starting up this kind of business doesn’t entail much money, and you need the skills. If you don’t have the skills, go and learn it, get your materials and you are good to go. I know of someone who charges a minimum of N50,000 for any one room event.

8.     Event Planning—You need little or no capital in starting up this business. All you need is printing your business and or complimentary cards to promote your business. Start small, You can begin from family and friends events. Plan their birthdays and events, it builds you and makes you stronger and better preparing you for bigger events planning.

9.      Agriculture—Going into Agriculture is very good, but so many people most especially young people don’t like farming or any kind of Agricultural business but, everybody loves to eat. Areas of Agriculture that is very lucrative are Farming, Egg Production, animal production and Quail egg Production. I will talk on QUAIL EGG PRODUCTION—I got to know much about quail during my Fpy, after that I just didn’t put much importance on quail not until I went back home, I saw my elder sister spending N1k every week on quail eggs. She’s not the only one ooo. So many people in my street are consuming quail eggs and we have only one supplier in that street, though some other few suppliers from other places do come to supply us. Quail eggs are very medicinal, nutritious and very expensive. Going into quail egg production is a very good business if one can do it. Consumption of Quail eggs is becoming more and more popular. The demands are high. Other Agric. Areas are poultry production, fish farming and more.

10.  Learn a skill/Handwork—. The CBN Governor some time ago said that if he has his way, he will sack half of Nigerian Federal civil servants. He said Government doesn’t need them and, it’s a waste of money paying them.  I quite agree with him, if you go to some Government offices, you will see 10 people doing the same kind of work only one person should just do. Some even sleep throughout the office hours doing nothing. But come to think of it, if they sack all those people, where will they go? There are no jobs. This is to tell you that if your university degree can’t find you a job, what about the skill you have? Can you paint, write, bake? What can you do? Entrepreneur is the future so you have to create your own economy. You have to learn how to be independent and work on your own. You don’t need only university degree alone to do something or work on your own. You can make use of the handwork you have. If you don’t have any handwork, please go and learn at least one. It will help you, it will help you work on your own. Even if it requires money learning it, do it because the greatest investment you can do is to invest in yourself.  You won’t be a loser learning it, unless you are not smart enough to make use of it, but it will help. Here are some skill training you can go for: painting, catering, farming, web design, electrician and many more.





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