3 Reasons Why Studying in Funaab is Hard

Created: Saturday, 24 May 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

Funaab is a great school, no doubt about it. The federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Funaab is not only a University but a Moral school of Life, (You can argue it). no matter how bad a person is, when he or she comes to Funaab, they must bow to the school’s principles. This principles have been maintained since the school was founded in 1988. Funaab does not only give one degree certificate, they also give moral certificate, that is why people respect their students outside the school. Studying and getting your certificate in Funaab is simple, but here are 3 reasons why studying in Funaab is hard.

1-The bulky Lecture Timetable- Imagine you leaving your home by 7am and coming back home by 7pm. Funaab don’t really space out their lectures. Some departments and colleges have lectures from  8am -6pm with one hour (1-2pm) as the only break (if some lecturers won’t fix make-up practical that time). Now tell me, is that one not hard? When one have this kind of lectures from Monday to Friday, you won’t even have time to play around. With the funaab lecture timetable , it gives one large chunks more than what you can chew, for those who are smart and patient enough, they find themselves chewing and swallowing it but, for those who can’t, it gets stuck on their throats. The timetable doesn’t give you space to rest much, the timetable wants to make sure that a student is engaged in any form of lectures or practicals all the time in school unless maybe you personally chose to have your own free time. (That one is to your tent oh student).

2-The Rules And Regulations- Unless maybe you don’t want to study in Funaab anymore, then break the rules and regulations. Funaab has so many rules and Regulations. Funaab is not like Nigeria that there is disorderliness and, when you break the law you can even go free. In Funaab when you break the law, be rest assured that you will face the consequences. Funaab students are disciplined to an extent. The way the rules and regulations are, they don’t really favour the students as much. The school sheriff has power over the student, they can slap you and go freely, but just try and hold their shirt collar, they will report you and e go turn to “gobe” for you. No matter how hot you think your head is, funaab will cool it down. The mancot drivers or even taxi can shout at you, abeg no para, no fight them because if you do, you will be singing in P’squares tone “ see me see wahala ehh”. If you think am lying then go and meet my customer who sells food in SUB, eat and refuse to pay, then let her report you. A guy who stole his landlord’s pot of okro soup, the landlord reported him to the school authorities, it took the intervention of his parents, even his grandparents came to beg on his behalf. But he was hungry and couldn’t find something to eat but funaab no wan know that one. This my friend said that the day he will graduate, he will go to kuto bus stop and wait for his landlord, after beating him, he will enter the car and leave for lagos and never to return. Funaab rules and regulations are made in such a way that almost everybody has power or authority over you. According to balogun, “slap any of your fellow student and you will leave the school”. But Funaab is not an advanced secondary school, but with all these our rules and regulations, they make studying in funaab hard.

3- When You Believe Everything in Funaab is Hard For You- If you are unserious and everything about Funaab is hard for you, that means evil forces may be following you from your village, check yourself; you might be on your way out of funaab if care is not taken. Almost everything is hard for you. It is hard for you to feed, it is hard for you to get money for transportation to school, it is hard for you to do your assignments, it is hard for you to read your books and it is even hard for you to pass your exams; I want to tell you this, it won’t be hard for funaab to send you away. Funaab is a good school, no matter how they give it to us, we will come out with great results.


I have heard couple of friends complain that in their school, lecturers demand for money and sex from students before they could pass them. They sell handouts. So far so good, we don’t see all these in funaab but the ones we see, makes us stronger and better.


With this few 3 points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince or confuse you that studying in Funaab is hard but not so hard to be cracked.

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