Her Own Worst Enemy Befell Her

Created: Saturday, 24 May 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

     That year will mark the 10 year of their marriage. Uche and ayo has 2 lovely boys in the marriage. Uche is a banker while ayo works as a managing director in a construction firm. The marriage has been so blissful with lots of fruitfulness until this faithful day uche called ayo on the phone, she told him that she will be coming over to his office and both of them will go grab a launch in any nearby eatery. He agreed for her to come over. About 50 minutes later, uche was in ayo’s office and both of them left for one of the nearby eatery. They got to the eatery, they ordered for fried rice but there was no fried rice. They had to order for doughnuts and soda. As the waiter was still in their front, ayo dipped his hand into his pocket, brought out some folded N500 naira notes from his pocket and gave it to the waiter, the waiter took the money, as she was trying to walk away, she turned back to them and was looking at ayo. Uche was not confortable with the way the waiter was looking at her husband. The waiter immediately flipped the money ayo gave to her in their presence and behold there was condom at the middle of the Naira notes. Ayo was so shocked, the waiter gave him back the condom and left with the money. Ayo's heart started beating so fast. He has gotten himsef into trouble, this was a great embarrassment because he will have some explanations to make to his wife on what happened right there. He believes he had nothing to fear about because he is innocent and hasn’t been an unfaithful husband. At that point uche was shocked at what she saw there. The waiter had left, uche told ayo to explain what had just happened and what a condom is doing in his pocket.

              This had always been uche’s fears and worries, she doesn’t want an unfaithful husband. She is so emotional, she is scared of being alone and doesn't ayo to leave her. She was almost in tears as one of the worst attitudes she hated most is hitting her right on her face. All these were all her thought that evening as she eagerly waits for ayo to come back from work to explain to her.

             The door opened as ayo walked into the room, ayo tried to calm her down, he tried to explain to her but she couldn’t listen, she doesn't want to give him audience, she believed he had betrayed her. All hell was loosed as uche was so angry at the incident that happened at the eatery which was so embarrassing. Uche was shouting at  ayo. Ayo tried to explain to her that the money he gave to the waiter was given to him by one of his colleagues at the office, so he didn’t know that there was a condom at the middle of those notes. All his explanations was a waste to uche as she didn’t believe him.

        A week later, things change in the family. The lovely couple who use to enjoy their family life, everything turned sour, uche suspects everything ayo does, all his movements, she seems to have lost confidence in ayo. She told couple of her friends about the incident but they told her she might miscalculated the incident because it might be a mistake since ayo has never given any reason to be doubted before this incidence.

       Week’s gone bye after the eatery incident, uche must find a reason to accuse ayo of infidelity. A home that was once peaceful suddenly turned to a war zone. Ayo in his heart believes he’s not an unfaithful husband, he has never cheated on his wife uche, but uche no want here wetin her husband dey tell her. She feel say even her friends no understand because her friends don tell her say her husband no fit cheat on her as that incident was a mistake thing but uche no hear.

      This particular Friday ayo came back late from the office, as usual uche still had a problem with it. Ayo tried to explain that his coming back late was as a result of extra-work at the office. Uche refused to take that excuse.

      Two weeks later uche started dating one of her junior colleague in her office because she wanted revenge to her husband. Unfortunately ayo discovered uche was cheating at the third week of the relationship. He reported uche to her family. The family of uche had a meeting to settle the discord between ayo and uche but ayo insisted he was no longer interested in the marriage any more. The family of uche tried to settle both of them and uche promised that she will not cheat again but ayo said he can only continue the marriage in one condition that because his wife uche cheated with another man, he too must cheat and it must be uche’s younger sister who is not yet married. Uche had no option than to allow it because she wants to save her marriage. Adaora uche's younger sister even accepted it if that will save her sister's marriage.


   Two years gone by with all these incident, after uche allowed ayo to have his way with her junior sister. Rather than  bringing peace to her home, that even brought more confusion, ayo finally started cheating on uche with other women. Uche was wished she wasn’t so harsh and suspicious of ayo years ago, she blamed herself for her misfortune. Now her own worst fears has fallen on her.  

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