How He Left Me

Created: Saturday, 24 May 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

This is my worst trial times; I couldn’t imagine myself going through all these. I woke up at night thinking of what am going through.

 I was born over 40 years ago, from a moderate family of 3. My mum and dad did their best to send us to school. During my days in the university, I only dated one guy who I genuinely love and appreciate, I call him gaby. He was so cute, nice and jovial. We started dating when I was in 200 level and he was in 300 that time. When he graduated and I was in final year then, gaby said he wasn’t goin to serve, he said he was going to the U.K to do his masters because his parents were rich. He finally left for the U.K. We only talked only the first month he got there and after that he stopped calling me and the phone number he gave to me with which I use in reaching him stopped going through and there was no mobile phone then unlike now.

                      After my graduation, I waited for 2 years if gaby will come back and look for me but it never happened. I decided to move on with my life. I got loads of proposers but there was none that could match my taste. Do not get me wrong because some people might be thinking I was waiting for the perfect one, no one is perfect but I was just waiting for the right person. The suitors that came are either temperamental or daddy’s boy or even lazy which I don’t like. Some men believes that when they come from a rich home, they don’t need to work, they depend on their father’s wealth but that is not so.

                       10 years gone by and Mr Right didn’t show up. I was on pressure from my family members. Everybody wants me to marry. I don’t want to rush into marriage just because I want to marry. If I marry the wrong person, nobody will bear the consequences with me. The only thing they will tell me is “go back to your husband’s house”. I want a man I am comfortable with, a man I can grow old with and spend the rest of my life with. Some people mocked me that I clocked 38 yet no marriage but still I tell them ‘was I born to get married’.

                       I went to the market this faithful day, I say an old friend of mine. We have not seen for over 5 years now. We greeted and hugged each other very well. We went to a nearby store which she said she co-owned and we started chatting. She even got me some presents because the former day was my 40th birthday. She told me that gaby has finally relocated to Nigeria and he’s asking after me. I was so surprised, she told me that one of our old friends saw him and told her. She told me that they said he was married and later divorced. After we chatted and talked, we exchanged our mobile numbers.

                      3 days later I got a phone call and it was gaby. He said he got my number from one of my close friends. We talked and he told me to come meet him in one of this new generation fast food joints. I went and behold gaby was still looking young as ever. He hugged me not minding if I was married. When I looked into his eyes, I still felt he still loves me. We spent about 4 hours talking. He told me that he was back in Nigeria for good and his 15 years old marriage was over, he just divorced his Nigerian wife in U.K. Both of them had a 9 year old son together. He said he still loves me and ready to get married to me if I can forgive him and take him back. I was too excited that I never asked him why he didn’t call any more after he left me. For the marriage offer, I accepted immediately because he knew I wasn’t married, some of my friends have told him.

                     We started preparing for our marriage. I brought him home to see my parents and everybody in my family was so happy. The felt the bondage of unmarried spirit have left me.

                     Our wedding was a blast, there was too much to eat and drink and the who is who was there. Two months after our marriage, gaby told me he will be visiting the U.K to see his son. At first I refused but I don’t want to be a wicked step mother, I don’t want to separate him from his son.  Final he left for the U.K.  This is the 3rd year I have been waiting for my husband to return from the U.K he said he was visiting. Till date he didn’t call me and I have not heard from him. I tried contacting his family and they said he had made up with his former wife and they are now living happily. I went to few of his friends they do business together and they told me another story. I wish I had much money; I would have visited the U.K and get to know the facts of what is going on. But please tell me, why is this man ruining my life likes this? First he left me in the university, I was 40 when he married me and left me again after marriage.



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