Happy Resumption: Davido, Chidinma, Olamide May be Heading To Funaab This Semester To Perform

Created: Monday, 02 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.



Olamide, Davido, Chidinma, Lace, Solid star, reported to perform in some FUNAAB shows second semester.

Second semester is always a period of Awards. From SUG Awards/dinner, to colleges and Departmental shows.  So many people have considered some of these Awards and shows as “irrelevant”. But no matter how it is, the Awards brings the members of the association together. It stands to reward outstanding students in area of academics and social welfare services in and outside the school.

Here are couple of Awards and shows to expect second semester.

·         SUG Awards and Dinner Night

·         NAAS Awards and Dinner Night

·         NASSA Awards and Dinner Night

·         COLERMSA Awards and Dinner Night

·         COLNASSA Awards and Dinner Night

·         Meisters FPY Awards (MFPY Awards)

·         And many more.

According to what am hearing, some entertainment outfits in school are planning to bring Davido. Chidinma, Lace, Solid star and Olamide to FUNAAB. But is that possible? So many people will doubt this but “it’s true”. According to what I heard and I am being told, even if all might not make it, atleast one of them would definitely come to perform. They would be joined by some finest artistes we have in FUNAAB.

In another development, I was chatting with couple of friends. We were talking about FUNAAB artistes. Some of my friends are of the opinion that Funaab artistes are not good enough and they don’t make good music.

I could remember last year when an entertainment outfit in school was organizing it’s Award ceremony. They refused to invite any FUNAAB artistes. They only had big names in the Nigerian music industry. I asked one of the organizers why they didn’t want any FUNAAB artiste to perform in their show. He simply said that FUNAAB artistes are not popular, they don’t make good quality and popular music. There was another thing he said that baffled me. He said that when one FUNAAB artiste is invited, he brings along other uninvited artistes, and they don’t like and want it.

I believe all FUNAAB artistes are reading this. This is not the first time I am hearing the above complain. I have heard it couple of times that when you invite “artiste A”, he will come with “artiste B, C” and even more. I also think FUNAAB artistes should buckle up. Some artistes are of the opinion that we students don’t support them. For me, I have always try my best to promote FUNAAB artistes through my website, and I will still do more. I believe We students will support them if they put in their best.

With all these said, I want to wish us a good and graceful second semester. May the best people win the Awards.



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