Created: Monday, 31 December 2012 Written by Christian Ozor C.

  I went to a friend’s place; I met him with one of his friend and about 6 other secondary school students playing whot game (gambling). You need to see the money these guys were betting and I asked myself, where are all these high school guys getting this money to bet? Or maybe they are stealing them because they are not working, none of them is up to 16years, the youngest there will be probably 12years and maybe jss 2.

 The next time I went to visit this my friend again, I still met all of them playing this thing, I had to warn this my guy to stop this gambling he’s playing with all these high school guys. This secondary school kids will leave their as early as 10:00am to this my guy’s house just to gamble. There is this particular day I went to his house, I met him in a sober mood, I asked him what happened, na im my guy tell me say since morning him never chop food, I ask am why na im he come tell me say the money wey him get, e don use am play whot finish and the secondary school guys chop all finish. This was the gut who sold his phone one certain time just to get money to play and those kids almost ate all if not that I urged him to stop playing before he will even bet his own life. The worst part of it is that that day those kids ate my friend’s money, one of his friends, he is a final year student, this secondary school guys chop this boy silly up to the extent that the money he withdrew for someone from ATM, they ate all. Another thing about this secondary school guys is that after eating my friend’s money, they will dash him and his friend N20 each to drink ice water.

One of these secondary school guys caught my attention, I don’t know his name, he will probably be 12 or 13 years of age. This kid is the main person winning, this boy dey chop my friend silly. What I noticed about him is that if they start playing the one that is called “first card” they will bet say N100 each, one card each will be giving to everybody playing, the person with the lowest number takes all the money. They will start playing this first card, I notice that if this kid has 13 as first number, none other person will have 13 or below including my friend, they will score 14 and above, if other people score 2 or 3, this kid will score 1. This kid will finally win all, after winning e go come dey dash all of them N20 each after e don chop them over N500 each. I have told my friend to stay clear these secondary school guys, he is an undergraduate, those guys had not gotten anywhere yet, he is just helping them to ruin their lives.



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