A Day In the Life of a Celebrity Like Mercy Johnson Okojie

Created: Tuesday, 14 March 2017 Written by Christian C. Ozor

mercy johnson

I love mercy Johnson Okojie, who doesn’t like her? Her acting prowess, the way she portrays the character  and makes it hers. I just admire her. But imagine a day in her life how it would look like.

4:00am,  Mercy’s last child, Angel Onosetale Okojie will start screaming and crying due to mosquitos. The little girl and her mama dey bed while the remaining two kids, Purity ozioma okojie and Henry ozioma okojie go dey their own room with the maid. Husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie is not around. He went for a business trip out of two so it’s only Mercy, the kids and the maid is at home.

Mercy will wake up and start nursing Angel. Then she checks the time, “it’s 4:17am”. Na so she go rush go maid room to check if she don wake up. She needs to prepare the kids for school. Mercy will enter the maid’s room and still meet her sleeping. Na so she go start to dey shout for her to wake up. The way the maid would struggle to wake up sef. Mercy will ask if she was okay because it’s unusual of her waking up late.

Na so maid tell mercy say she no too dey feel alright. Mercy told her to have a rest a bit, maybe the will go to the clinic latter in the day.

Mercy woke up the other children. Na so them begin cry because them dey enjoy the sleep. Mercy will carry purity to the bathroom. She will brush her teeth. The maid will manage to bring henry to the toilet and go prepare the breakfast.

7am everything is ready. The driver will drive purity and henry to school while Angel will remain with the mother.

7:30am Mercy will receive a call from her husband. They will talk for about 30 minutes.

8:15am Mercy had a call from Producer Lancelot Imasueun where he (lancelot) promised to send a script to her. After she dropped the call, her P.A will call mercy that she’s on her away because a company contacted her that they want to endorse her (mercy).

Na so mercy go dey receive calls from different producers, directors and colleagues till 9am wey she go tell her maid to go clinic for medical check-up.

9:15am P.A don land mercy house. Na so them begin sort some outstanding scripts out. They will spend 2 hours doing paper work till the maid returns.

12pm, Mercy and the P.A still sorting out some scripts, mercy will receive a call from husband that Linda ikeji’s blog just posted that they were having a divorce. Chaiii, and mercy no enter online for some hours. Before she no wetin dey happen, journalist don begin call her other phone lines to confirm. Mercy would go on twitter and hash tag mercy Johnson and husband break up will be trending. Instagram don full with the hottest news. Blogs don dey carry the news.

Mercy’s husband will call back and they will just laugh about it while mercy will just upload a family photo of she and her husband just to debunk the rumour that they are at the verge of breaking up. “Bloggers don already get the message.”

2pm, Mercy and the P.A would leave for a business meeting with a company that wants to endorse her. After the meeting, Mercy called the maid to see if the kids are back from school.

6:00pm, Mercy and P.A arrived home. Na so henry see mummy as she dey drive enter house. The kids were happy that mummy is back. Mummy bought them ice-cream each ooo. She asked if they had done their assignment before giving them the ice-cream.

7pm, dinner is ready as the family came together to eat. Na so Mercy phone ring. E come be say na hubby, Odi dey call. She picked it and they talked. Na so the kids talk with their dad.

8:30pm, mercy pursue children make them go sleep so them fit wake up early the next morning.

9:30pm Mercy don go sleep.

This is just my imagination of a day in the life of a celebrity like Mercy Johnson Okojie.

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