Knockout: My 4 Banger Experience

Created: Saturday, 28 February 2015 Written by Christian C. Ozor

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As I seat down for chair for my veranda dey look children wey dey shoot knockout, banger for street. Them dey happy, their mama and papa buy them banger. Na only ebuka no dey shoot. He dey beg other kids. With about over 6 packet wey each of them hold, na only one stick dem sunny fit give am. Ebuka tell sunny say if him mama dey come back for market that evening say him mama go buy him 10 packets of 4 banger sound. As I dey watch them dey shoot bangers, I come remember some years ago wey my I dey inside my house. My papa no gree allow me go outside. I just dey for window they watch as my friends, chibuike and ekene dey shoot knockout for outside. I come dey vex for my mind. My friends papa and mama go go market, dem go buy banger for them. My papa no dey think about that one at all. He no wan even see me shoot knockout. Infact if he see people dey shoot, he go dey complain say the sound they disturb him ears. He go say the banger go injure them. To be sincere with you, I dey here say banger dey injure people, I never see anybody wey the thing don injure. My papa don warn me. he say make he no see me dey shoot knockout. But because of my strong head. How e go be say my mates dey shoot the knockout and I no shoot.

Na so I come tell my mama say if she dey come back from market, make she buy for me. she no gree. Na so I come disturb her for 2 days. On the 23rd, he finally buy me 4 sound banger when she dey come back from market. I dey surprise oo when she give me the thing.  I no believe say my mama go buy me banger. She never ever buy me banger before. Well, na being in the mood of Christmas.

After my mama don give me the 4 packet of the 4 sound banger, she come warm me make I no do make my papa no see the thing. Because if my papa see the thing, he go beat me come quarrel for my mama. Na so I carry thing come dey happy.


In the evening, na so me and my friend chinedu come go outside. He come tell say make we change style he come describe the way wey we go take shoot the knockout. He say make we find one big bonvita container. Na so we enter bush come get one big bonvita can. We come go outside our gate near our fence, because I don notice say na dat place, any knockout wey dem shoot for there dey sweet wella. Na so we tear one packet, put the sticks together come light them. We come use the bonvita container to cover the  knockout.  We want make the thing sound wella. As we cover the thing. Na so the thing begin shoot. As e shoot, the container come fly up. The thing fly pass our fence enter inside john dem house. Na so we come dey hear shouts from the other compound wey the container fall enter.  Woman dey shout, “make una come ohh, dem wan kill my pikin oo.” Who come be the person wey dey shout. But mw and chinedu still dey enjoy as the banger just they bang for air. As all the bangers don shoot finish, na so two women come out from the other compound. One of them carry pikin for hand. The pikin dey cry, blood dey come out from him nose. “Na who shoot that knockout. Na who use comcom shoot knockout wey enter my compound come injure my pikin,” the woman wey carry pikin for hand talk. The way the woman they waka sef. E just be like say dem wan hijack us. The women just dey shout come dey abuse. Them don already know say na me and chinedu dey shoot the knockout because the cartoon still dey our hands. As I still dey ther, my mama just come out make he know wetin dey happen. As I just dey there, I be wan run but as I see my mama, I no know wetin to do. Chinedu come run leave me. My mama come dey ask wetin dey happen, as the woman the woman dey explain, my papa just come back. Chaiii, na there I come get problem. E come be say the as the bonvita container fly go up, e come go hit the woman small pikin for nose. Na so my papa come beat me. my mama wey even buy me the knockout still join beat me. Na so 4 Banger Sound knockout put me for wahala. Since after that day, I no dey shoot knockout again.

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