Illegal In Kuala Lumpur: My Horrendous Experience And Adventure In Malaysia ------ ( Episode 6)

Created: Sunday, 21 June 2015 Written by Christian C. Ozor


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At the court, judgment was given, but it was an unfortunate judgment. Soji was sentenced to death and I was ordered to be deported. After the judgment, I felt weak and cried for soji. This guy has always been a great friend since I came into that country, I wondered why he was sentenced to death and me deportation. Na all of us carry drugs ooo. I met the American activist after the judgment. I asked if it was possible to overturn soji’s judgment. He said it is law in that country that death penalty for drug traffickers when caught. Infact even my own, he was surprised how I was just freed. Well na Baba God ooo.

 I had earlier re-collected madam rose’s number from the American activist. The one I was given before, I threw it away. As I landed in Lagos airport looking hazard with my bushy hair and uncut finger nails, with $10 given to me by the lawyer that handled our case. I was cleared by the immigration officials. I changed the money their at the airport, bought a recharge card and borrowed the phone of one of the airport staffs. I loaded her phone and called madam rose’s number. But it said is was unavailable. I don’t know how to go to my house. We landed at about 6:15am in the morning. The shame and disgrace, I stayed at the airport till it was night before going to my house.

When I got to the house, my sisters and mother were rejoicing I was back and alive as madam rose had already told them about the judgment. My dad didn’t even want to see my face in that house. He sent me a way that night. Infact, as I was entering inside the parlour, my sisters and mum saw me and ran to meet me. My dad came out of the room, seeing me; he went inside and brought out his gun to shoot me if I don’t leave his house. My mum and other siblings began pleading but he refused. Out of respect, I left and he ordered that if any of them should leave that house that night, he shouldn’t come back again. Thank God I wasn’t carrying anything.  I took many things to Malaysia, I came back empty handed with my life. I don’t know were to sleep or stay. Surely, not in any of my relative’s own. I didn’t want too many questions. And I was ashamed. I began wondering in the streets of Lagos till I remembered one of my friends who stays in Obalende. I have visited him couple of times back then when we were in the university. I wasn’t sure if he still stays there. I risked it and trekked from Ajah to Obalende, and to his compound. And thank God he still stays there. It was a “face me I slap you” house. His dad is the owner. Though he had told me earlier that he would leave the compound.

I knocked at his room door which he normally stays when I visit. Behold, it’s Abu my friend. Immediately he saw me, he screamed as he hugged. I told him to lower his voice. I came into the house. He was one of the few that I first told about my journey before travelling to Malaysia. He was so happy to see me that I am alive even after narrating my ordeal in Malaysia. He agreed that I should stay with him pending when I settle with my father. Apparently, he had finished his NYSC in Port harcort and had returned. He asked me to stay in the room opposite his since. The room was his brother’s who have moved to surulere. Abu said I should stay there. There was a small bed, a table and some few items of his brother there. He had two phones but gave me one to be using. He even bought the sim for me and gave me some of his cloths to put on.

As days went by, I tried as much to settle with my dad so as to go back home but he refuse. But I was still in touch with my sisters and mother. They had even come to Abu’s place to visit me. They bring food and even money along. I had narrated my ordeal to them (mother and sisters).

After a week I returned to Nigeria, I and Abu went out to a restaurant to eat. There was no food. My sisters had promised to come visit me with food but I was yet to see them and I had no airtime to call. So Abu bought uncooked rice and some items to prepare it. After cooking the jellof rice. We served it in a plate and we began eating. Way into the eating, Abu began coughing. I brought water and gave to him but the cough persisted. Before I knew what was happening, he began coughing out blood. Na so I start to shout for help ooo. People in the compound came in. One suggested we take him to hospital. On our way to the hospital, Abu died. Dat became another wahala. Police came and arrested everyone in that compound including me. Others were later released by the police except me. I was accused of killing Abu. I was pained. We ate the food together. But why did he die! I spent 7 days in police cell before I was released through the intervention of my mum and madam rose whom I gave my mum her number to call if she could get in touch with her. She actually got in touch with madam rose. Indeed the woman (madam rose) get connection ooo. This is the second time she would be helping to save me. After release, surely, I can’t go back to Abu’s house in Obalende. I was been released, madam rose, my mum took me back home. My dad was outside reading newspaper. Immediately he saw us, he stood up and asked me never to step into our house. Na so madam rose and my mama begin beg oo, at least to grant me an audience. My papa sef no wan hear that one. He told my mum that she herself to to come into the house because he had warm her not to bring me or have anything to do with me. It took about an hour of pleading, begging and talks with madam rose before he allowed us inside. He doesn’t even want to listen to my mum sef. When we entered the house, he said the only way for him to allow me into that house and pardon me is for me to buy him a car, because that was our agreement before leaving Malaysia. He had earlier told me that he was pained that I was leaving at that time. The money he was suppose to use to get a car for his business, that was what he used in sponsoring my failed trip to Malaysia. So he had said it, when I am coming to that house, I should come with a car for him. As my daddy was speaking, I have never seen him so emotional that he nearly even cried. He was pained that I disobeyed him. Me sef begin cry. I knew I was wrong. But my papa no gree. He said since I didn’t get him his car, that when I start work, my one year salary should be given to him. I thought it was a joke when he said it and we laughed. Not until he called his lawyer to prepare the agreement paper. 2 hours time, confirm lawyer with agreement paper don land for our house. My dad asked me to sign it. At first I was reluctant to do so but madam rose called me outside and advised me to do so since it would bring back the love between me and my father. She told me that my father could be testing my loyalty and he may not even collect it when I start bringing it. My mum still advised me to sign it that I shouldn’t worry, no matter how, she would be supporting me financially. I finally signed it. After everything, madam rose told me that one of her friends, his company was looking for a computer and software analyst. So if I was willing to apply. She said I shouldn’t bother about NYSC that she would help me out when I register so I would serve in the company. I did apply and I was taken. NYSC started calling for registration online, I applied. My first month salary was way above N100,000.  After receiving it, I gave it to my dad and he willingly collected it. Second month came and he collected it. I became bothered because I thought he was testing my loyalty. I thought he might not collect it but he was. As a guy, I needed some money to take good care of myself. But I remained calm and cool and went for my NYSC that life has been so good. God has been great to me. I have learnt a big lesson. God delivered me several times from death and He’s still doing so.



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