Confession of A Funaab Yahoo Boy: The Tales Of Gbadebo----- (Episode 12)

Created: Wednesday, 30 December 2015 Written by Christian C. Ozor

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Episode 12 continues ......

2 hours later, I got a call from Bola. She asked what I did to Nuella. I told her that I didn’t do anything to her ooo. She said Nuella was currently at home weeping and calling out my name. I began wondering what must be wrong with Nuella. I became scared. “What did she actually told Bola!” At that moment Bola was telling me this, I was preparing to go see funke but I changed my mind. I took a cab and went to Nuella’s house.  I met bola inside. Those girls nearly hijacked me ooo when I went into nuella’s room. They were all like, “Wetin you and your girlfriend do our friend?” Nuella was lying on the bed and pressing her phone. I come try explain wetin happen for school to the girls. I tried to be diplomatic. Thank God for their understanding, not casting blames on anyone. Nuella didn’t want to speak to me. But immediately the two girls left the room, she stood up from the bed and went to lock the door. I began pleading with Nuella as she sat on the bed. As I was telling her to overlook what has happened, she began to cry again that I began wondering if really, it was what happened at the eatery was make her shed tears. It was becoming too much. I didn’t just know how to start consoling her. I moved towards her as she laid her head on my chest. I told her it was okay that I was sorry for what funke did. But I didn’t really see any wrong in what Funke did oo. Nuella adjusted herself and looked at me with tears on her eyes. I brought out my handkerchief and cleaned her face. Na there she come start to dey explain say some things wey my girlfriend tell her pain her wella. I never knew that Nuella could be so emotional like that. With the way she talked, she was going through a tough time in her life. The break up with her boyfriend was still affecting her. Her family issue was also there. Her family has been turned upside down with the dad and mom threatening to go their separate ways. Nobody was giving her attention and it seemed she was lonely. No one to cry to. She just wanted someone to talk to, to keep her company and warm, and she found that in me. She tried apologizing that she was sorry for intruding into I and Funke’s affairs only that she just found me encouraging and have a listening ears. She said sometimes she tries to withhold herself from coming to me but just can’t. As she just dey talk, I just dey pity. I myself was emotional as I brought her head to my shoulders. One thing led to another. It was just like a film. Before I knew what was happening, we were both naked and rolling on the sheets. It was soooooooo passionate that I could not comprehend that we went into more rounds. After the session, I slept off. When I woke up, Nuella’s right hand was capped around my waist and her head on my chest. I checked the time and it was 8:45pm in the night. She noticed I was awake and lifted up her head smiling. I was surprised she was smiling. I thought she would be angry over our act but she wasn’t. I immediately jumped off the bed and told her I was going. She told me to spend the night there but I refused. As I was wearing my clothes, she came and was helping me bottom my shirt. She whispered into my ears saying I was a nice person and Funke is really a lucky person. She saw how straight my face looked. I wasn’t happy about the sex. But Nuella held my waist and said I shouldn’t be angry. With the way she talked, I noticed there was something about Nuella. Her emotional attitude makes me weak. The way she will touch my hand and talk, if I had said “No” on something, I would immediately change my mind. When I went out of Nuella’s room. I saw that Adaobi’s door was locked. I didn’t want to go to Bola’s own. I no want start to dey answer unnecessary questions. I left the place back home. As I got home, I called my mom. She said she had been trying my mobile phone line but it was saying “switched off.” I told her maybe it was a network problem. She said our house has been completed and it’s ready. I had not been to Illorin for a while. Na so I happy for the good news ooo. She said people had already started coming to her for accommodation. Na so I tell her make she make her decision, find better person wey go give her peace of mind. I told her I would be coming by weekend. After dropping the call, I called funke and she wasn’t picking. I tried her line again with another number, she would pick and when she realizes I was the one, she would cut the call. This happened couple of times that I had to tell my guy, Uchenna to take me in his car to go see Funke. “Funke kpomo lips keh. I no go.” Uchenna replied. Both of my guys refused taking me in their car to go see funke. Right from time, they didn’t really like Funke that much. And it was getting late in the night. Na so I rush go back to camp. I went to funke’s house but she wasn’t at home. I tried a few of her friend’s place but she wasn’t there. I gave up and went back home.  When I got home, I sent her a text message apologizing for what happened at the eatery.

Few days later, I and Funke had reconciled again after couple of apologies and sorries. But Nuella had refused to stay away from me. Infact she was even coming on stronger and bolder. She calls me often and do visit. The worst part of it was that my two friends, Uchenna and Abisoko had come to like her. They have preferred her to Funke. Each time I try telling Nuella to slow down and stop visiting me, she will become emotional and start shedding tears. My two guys would be fanning the relationship. They would call and tell her I was missing her. Na so she go come and couple of times we had sex. I really loved Funke more but there was something about Nuella’s emotions and her being that is drawing me to her which I couldn’t understand. If she calls and I didn’t pick, it would look as if the heavens would come down. Though Nuella was caring and heartwarming. She buys me gifts often, all that softens my mind towards her. When I try being angry, her smile alone brings laughter to my face.

Weekend came and I went to Ilorin. Our new house was great. We moved in immediately. I spent one week in Ilorin. I had to supervise some other furnishing works workers did in our house. At that same time, new tenants were moving into their flats in the other side of our compound. It looked as if everything was happening in a rush. The money the new tenants paid, I asked my mom to get a place so she could start a big super market. My mom also suggested she find two house maids because it would be lonely staying in that big duplex alone. Na so I tell her say she get freedom, na she be landlady. I was so happy with what was happening in our lives. “The once retched boy had now made it.” “The once akara seller is now been worshiped in her cooperative group.” I went back to Abeokuta.

As time went on, my mom’s supermarket had kicked off with full force. “There was money nah.” Second semester was gradually coming to an end. My first semester results was so poor. My CGPA had dropped drastically to 2.61 with 5 carryover courses. And na 300 level I dey. Second semester na I.T I dey but Gbadebo never start him own and semester don dey end. My mates don start dia own sef. Funke dey do her own for one food packaging company in Lagos.

This particular Sunday early morning at about 5am, my mom called me. She said there was something she wanted to discuss with me and she can’t do it on the phone. If possible that I should come to Ilorin that day. The way she sounded on phone made me scared. She said it was a matter of urgency. Na so I baff come enter Ilorin. When I got to Ilorin, the whole compound looked cool, calm, and unusually deserted that I wondered where our tenants were. “I guessed maybe the tenants had travelled.” Our two house keepers were nowhere to be found. I went to my mom’s shop. I didn’t meet my mom. The workers said he went to buy goods from Ibadan. I called her mobile number but it was switched off. I waited for couple of hours. I just wanted to know why my mom wanted to see me, coupled that i was scared too. As I sit down for my mama chair dey wait for her, I know know when sleep carry me. I had a dream where two vultures were chasing I and my mom. I and my mom were just running fast and ran into our compound. The vultures followed us. As we got into the compound, when the tenants saw the vultures, they all ran. Na so the vultures begin pursue all of us oo. One of the vulture caught up with my mom. My mom was screaming. As the vulture opened its mouth on my mom, she shouted, “Gbadebo ooo.” Immediately, I felt something on my head as I forcedly opened my eyes. It was a dream. Standing in front of me was my mom with her right hand on my head. “Oti sun lo,” my mom said. She was trying to say that I had slept off when she came in. I greeted her. I was so curious to know why she asked me to come. I told her that I didn’t meet anyone at home when I came in and the compound was so quiet. She looked at me and felt an uneasy calm. I felt there was a problem with the way my mom was doing. I asked why she asked me to come. She took me to the corner of the shop and we sat there. She spoke in Yoruba. “Gbadebo, I understand what is going on again ooo,” my mom said with a low tone. As she said that, I became afraid. “My enemies are at work again oooo. They don’t want us to succeed,” she said again. I asked what the matter was. She said most of the tenants in our house had left the house. Chaii, “Kilode,” I asked. She began narrating. She said it started after two weeks I left for Abeokuta. Every morning our house keepers will keep complaining that they were having terrible dreams. And also they complain that strange sounds and voices keep crying at their windows. But she, my mother doesn’t experience all that. The complain was too much that she sent them back to their parents. Then our tenants began complaining same thing which prompted some to leave the building. She even said one of the tenants came to her to ask for a refund of money paid, that she was no longer staying in the house.

As my mom narrated, na so fear begin catch me ooo. She said she just came from one Afa’s(muslim cleric) place. Though she told the workers that she was going to market to buy goods. I became weak immediately after hearing what my mom said. That wasn’t actually a joke, my mom was serious about what she was saying. I began wondering what the strange voices are. My mom told me that the Afa gave her water to sprinkle inside and outside the compound, that it was a spiritual attack. “But how come that they were the only ones hearing those strange voices and sounds and my mom wasn’t” I thought to myself. As I was just thinking, Nuella called my phone. I picked it. As we talked, she noticed I wasn’t filling too good from the way I sounded on the phone. She began asking me what was wrong. I told her everything was fine. She pressed further because she felt something was wrong. I still insisted that all was well. That na family matter so I no wan disclose am. She told me she wasn’t feeling too well and that she was having stomach upset. I told her to go to the hospital. After the call, my mood had since changed. “I don’t know what was just going on in my family.” My mom asked me to follow her home so she could sprinkle the water as Afa had directed. We got home and we did as told by the Afa. I and my mom was just left alone inside the whole house. I told my mom to try and get the girls back but she told me that their parents won’t let them return. But she was in the process of getting another house keepers who would arrive the next day.

In other for me to know if really what Afa did was successful and if I would hear that strange voices. I called 4 of my friends (3 boys and a young lady) in that Ilorin to come visit me that day. They were actually willing to even sleep over. Two of us even slept in the room the former house keepers used to stay. We slept comfortably and nothing happened. Though I didn’t tell them what was going on but I stylishly asked them if they heard any strange voices or sounds, they all said they never heard anything. One of them joked that maybe I was hearing strange voices and sounds in my dream. We laughed about it. They left in the evening and I gave them money. I had earlier told my mom what my friends said. So we felt everything was okay. But I had little doubts concerning what was going on but didn’t speak out about the strange voices.  I felt it never existed, and maybe the tenants were just being mischievous. But another thought came to my mind. “If the tenants were being mischievous, how about our former house keepers.” Abi na all of them plan the thing!

We now have 3 house keepers brought to us. I was still determined to stay for a few days in Illorin to know if our house helps would experience the strange voices and sounds before calling the tenants to come back.

After two days, our house keepers didn’t experience any strange voices and sounds. One of the tenants who was a bachelor staying with his girlfriend. He was the only one that I asked. He even attested to the strange voices. He said the girlfriend had to leave because of the strange voices and sounds. He was the only person out of the tenants that stayed put. Though he said he sometimes travels. I asked if he was still experiencing the strange voices, he said he wasn’t. He tried asking what we did to curb it. I told him that we went for prayers at Synagogue of All nations church. After much talks with him, I went into the house. My mom called other tenants to tell them that God had delivered us from evil spiritual attacks and they should come back. I had earlier told my mom that she should tell them we went to T.B Joshua’s church for prayers. Infact me sef no know say my mom sef sabi lie. “She come add pepper, maggi for the tori.” She told one of the tenants that they saw a vision for us that an enemy from the village was chasing one of them. That was why we were experiencing the strange things. Na so the tenant ask my mama who the tenant wey them they pursue from village be. My mom was smart enough to tell her that the pastor didn’t tell us who the person was but we were told to be prayerful and she should tell the tenants to be fervent in prayers and things of God. Na so the tenant begin tell my mama say she fit pack out ooo. That she doesn’t want anybody’s problem to affect her. My mom began advising her to stay put that God has indeed deliver us. I no know how my mama talk to her before she agree.

The next day I went to Ibadan to join my guys (Abisoko and Uchenna) at a friend’s place. We were working together on a deal.

A week later, still in Ibadan. Funke called me from Lagos were she was doing her I.T. She said she was terribly missing me. I had earlier lied to her that I was doing my I.T in Abeokuta. It was her absence that second semester that gave more room for I and Nuella to be together more often. Funke said she would be coming to visit me the next two weeks. We talked, laughed and joked for some few minutes. I had indeed missed her a lot. I still had that feeling and deep love for her. Immediately Funke dropped the call, Nuella called. She sounded a bit excited that I began wondering if that day was her birthday. But I remembered it wasn’t. I asked her what was getting her so excited. She said it wasn’t what we would just talk about on phone, that I should come to Abeokuta so she can tell me. Na so I tell her say i still dey with my guys for Ibadan so I no fit come. But she asked when I will be back and I told her that I didn’t know yet. She said it was urgent that I come back so I could hear the sweet gist. Na so I tell her “Okay ooo.”

The next day Nuella called again asking me to come Back to Abeokuta, “abi I no wan hear her sweet gist!” For me, wetin I wan take gist do! I was more interested in my business and the money I would make in our new deal.


In the evening Adaobi, Nuella’s housemate sent me a text saying “Congratulations father Abrabam Gbadebo. Na u ooooo.” When I saw the text, I took it hilariously thinking it was a usuall prank she normally plays. Not until Nuella called and from the background as she talked, Bola was shouting ‘congratulations’ to me. Me sef come dey wonder wetin dey happen. Nuella was still insisting that she was not telling me what was making her excited until I come back. I asked if it was why her housemates were telling me congratulations. She said the great news concerns me. Na so I began guessing ooo. I asked if she won a lottery and she said “No.” she said she won’t open up until I come back to Abeokuta. But she hinted me that part of the great news was that my name was listed in the school’s magazine as most active young and successful Entrepreneurs in the school. She also said that some Journalist from a popular newspaper are presently looking for my contacts that they wanted to interview me. She say dem just dey waka for school dey find my contact. “Na so I come dey feel like star.” I was so excited. “But does it mean that some few people don’t have my general mobile number?” because I have a number for anyone who wanted to contact me personally. I was just wondering. As I was about to ask if the Journalist had been able to get my mobile number, Nuella told me that they have finally rectified a course they gave her a carryover. I was so happy for her and I asked if that was the only good news. She said the main one was coming and until I come to Abeokuta, she won’t tell me. “And don’t forget, time is running,” Nuella said. I began wondering. This one wey she just want make I come. I don’t just know, and she was saying it involves huge amount of money.


<<<<< To be continued from Episode 13 >>>>>>


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