Confession of A Funaab Yahoo Boy: The Tales Of Gbadebo----- (Episode 13)

Created: Thursday, 31 December 2015 Written by Christian C. Ozor


Author of this work is Christian C. Ozor

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Episode 13 continues ......

This one wey she just want make I come. I don’t just know, and she was saying it involves huge amount of money.

The next day, I dressed up and told my guys that I was going to Abeokuta but would return before the end of the day. I travelled to Abeokuta. When I got to Abeokuta, I went straight to Nuella’s place. None of the girls (Nuella, Bola and Adaobi) were around. “I guessed they had all gone to school.” I called Nuella and she said she was on her way home. So I waited. Barely 15 minutes, she had arrived. Na so she give me one kind hug and kiss for outside compound, that passersby were just gazing at us. Me sef, as he gave me the kiss, it looked as if I experienced an electric  shock that ran through all my body systems, even down to my manhood. I really enjoyed the kiss but na the good news me wan hear. We went inside the house and to her room. Na so I come dey ask wetin be the good news wey she wan give me as we entered inside the house. “Relax nah, take it easy. I will tell you,” she said to me. She was just smiling sheepishly. Me sef dey surprise. She stood up from the bed were she layed. She was about removing her clothes when I grabbed her from behind and softly threw her to the bed. Na so play start oo. We were laughing and joking. I held her softly to the bed. I told her I wasn’t going to leave her until she tells me the good news. She was just laughing and insisted she wasn’t going to tell me until I release her. me sef talk say I no go free her. Na so call come enter my phone. I no come know wetin to do. I had to free her to  pick the call. Immediately I let her loose and picked the call, she climbed untop of me and was playing with my hair. It was my mom that was calling. She asked me to come to Ilorin if possible that weekend. I asked if there was any problem, she said I should just come first. Na so fear begin catch me after the call. I began wondering why everyone was keeping me in suspense. Nuella no wan tell me her good news, my mama say make I come. She no tell me why! Nuella saw the reaction on my face, she asked me what was going on. I told her that my mom asked me to come that it was urgent. She asked if she didn’t tell me the reasons. I tell her say she no tell me ooo. I was felt something was wrong. I told Nuella that I would be going back to Ibadan that day. She started pressing me to stay back and go the next day. I no gree oo. Na so she playfully hold my neck. We come begin playfully struggle. One thing led to another. Na so we enter sexual mood. We had sex that period. After it I slept off.

When I woke up, it was around 5pm in the evening. Nuella was not inside the room. Na so I wear my clothes and came out. I met Nuella washing her clothes outside. I asked if Bola and Adaobi were back from school. She said they were still in school. I told her I was leaving for Ibadan that moment. “Oooohhhh why nah! Still stay nah,” Nuella said. I told her since she doesn’t want to tell me the good news she has, and I came all the way from Ibadan to see her and she was just playing pranks on me. I felt she was just missing me and wants to see me, that was why she used the good news term to lure me back to Abeokuta. She said it wasn’t that that she indeed has a good news for me. And she could only tell me in the night. “Na there I no say Nuella just dey use me do Yeye.” I went back to her room and wore my shoes, dressed up properly and came outside, telling her I was leaving so she could see me off. She refused, insisting I stay behind but I refused as I moved out of her presence. She tried calling me but I no wan even hear. I don already stand for Camp road waiting for car wey dey go Ibadan. She called my line but I didn’t pick. She kept on calling. I was about to switch off my phone when I saw an envelop sign, signifying text message on my phone. I checked and it was from Nuella saying. “ Sorry Dear. The surprise I have for you is that am pregnant.” After reading the text, I began finding it difficult to decode what she meant. She was pregnant! “Shey she don marry nih or.” But she said her boyfriend had broken up with her. As I was thinking, something in my mind said, “if she get belle, wetin come concern you,” the thought said. And it was right. “Wetin concern me with her belle or she want make I help her carry the baby?” As I was wondering through the thoughts, another part of me said,   “shebi you dey sleep with her.” Hmmm, and indeed I was sleeping with her. “Chaii, make e no be say na me get the pikin ooo,” I thought to myself. “Or maybe Nuella was just playing prank on me,” I thought to myself. As I was thinking, Nuella’s call came in again and I was already inside the car and we were entering Odeda village heading towards Ibadan. I picked the call. Nuella was sounding bitter and was crying on the phone. She said she was sorry for not seeing me off and prolonging the good news. I asked if what she wanted to tell me was what she sent through text and she responded “yes.” I asked who was responsible. “Of course you nah! Was I sleeping with any other person!” she responded. As the girl just say na me, I no know whether na another prank or lie. My head was just boiling like boiling ring. It looked as if  a large hammer was used in hitting my head. I no just know wetin I want talk. How come she was pregnant. I was just wondering when she said “are you still there.” I asked how she got to know and she said the time she wasn’t feeling too well, that she told me she was having stomach upset. “And I remembered it was true. I told her to go for a checkup.” I couldn’t understand what was really going on as we talked on phone. I told her I would call her back and cut the call. I had to tell the driver to stop the car which he did and I gave him money. Na so I enter another car from Odeda go back to Abeokuta. As I got to camp, something in me said, “what of if she just faked this pregnancy just to make you stay in Abeokuta?” And it may be true. As I reach her house, enter Nuella room. Adaobi and Bola was already back and was inside the room. As they saw me, we greeted and they saw and felt my countenance. They left the room. Nuella’s eyes were already red as she brought out an envelope and gave to me. I asked her why she was crying, she said because she thought I was angry that she was pregnant for me. I opened the envelop and it a medical report. She was indeed pregnant, 9 weeks gone. Something in me was like, “are you sure this girl is not faking this report.” Na so I begin think oohh. She fit dey fake the pregnancy report.

I turned to her with straight face. I told her that I don’t believe she was pregnant for me and I was not going to accept any responsibilities. And infact, she was even joking sef. As I turned back to leave, come see tears, crying ooo. Nuella knelt down and swearing she was pregnant. She held my hands. Na so I flip her hands away come leave the room and went back to my house in gate to spend the night. I wasn’t happy at all. I was yet to agree to the terms that Nuella was pregnant for me. infact I no even believe am. Nuella was calling and sending text messages but I was picking nor responding. She sent me couple of messages on facebook. I slept off that night, bitter and devastated. My guys called me and I told them what was happening. Uchenna said Nuella might be telling the truth that she was pregnant for me. na so dem begin encourage me ooo. They said how I talked to her was not that good. That I should have a heart to heart talk, even if I wanted abortion. I sleft off and went back to Ibadan the next early morning. I was still yet to contact Nuella.  She had being trying to contact me but I wasn’t picking her call. I was so restless as I got to Ibadan to meet my guys.

In the evening, my mom called. She added salt to my injury, giving me a sad news. She said our house keepers and tenants had started complaining that the strange voices and sounds had returned. Na so fear come catch me again. Na so I bath, my guys were already aware of what was happening. Uchenna and I entered Abisoko’s car that evening and headed for Illorin. We got to my house at about 9pm. My mom was so devastated. The house keepers had been moved out of the house. My mom asked them to stay in one of her friends place for the main time. Unlike the first incident that she sent them packing, accusing them of witchcraft. My mom was really bitter and sad that night. She was just shouting that her enemies will not succeed. The worst part of it was that its others that are hearing the strange voices and sounds. My mama no dey hear am. I went to see if the tenants were still around. Virtually all of them had packed out. I met the bachelor I saw the last time. He was leaving the house. He said the sounds normally occurs in the night and sometimes resulting to severe headaches in the morning. “hmmm, this is serious,” I thought to myself. Another worse part was that my mom said that some of the tenants fought before leaving. They were accusing each other of witchcraft based on what my mom told them earlier, that it was one of them that enemies was pursuing from their village.

Na so Uchenna say make I relax my mind. They would sleep in the house and see what would happen. If it was really true, the next day we would find solution. We (i, Abisoko and uchenna) slept in the same room. We kept vigil till sleep took us. Not until about 2am that my guys woke me up and asked if I could hear any sound and voices. But I told them I wasn’t hearing any. No be small thing that night ooo. The strange thing about all these was that its non-family members that were hearing the strange voices and sound. Me and my mama no dey hear anything. Na so my guys dey run up and down that night. At a time they said the voices was intense. I had to call my mom into the room. I felt that would be the end of our lives. If anything would happen, make e happen. In the morning, my guys never complained of any strange headaches but only the strange voices and sounds. Uchenna said we should go to Ibadan, that there was this Baba that can help us in Apata. I began wondering, “how the Baba can help us when the one my mom did didn’t work.” Abisoko laughed at me and said, “before there would be any problem, there must have been the solution to it.” They convinced me and I agreed. I told my mom that we were going to Ibadan to see a prophet. My mom said she herself was going back to that Afa’s place that gave her holy water to sprinkle in the compound. Na so we enter Ibadan. When we arrived Ibadan, Uchenna called a friend who came to take us from Bodija to the Baba’s place in Apata.

When we got to the baba’s place, I thought the Baba would tell us to go for sacrifices or any spiritual cleansing. But his own was very simple that I began thinking he was fake. The Baba can’t speak English. He only spoke in Yoruba language, deep Oyo Yoruba that we were finding it hard to understand some of the proverbs and the things he said. But his son was interpreting to us the normal general Yoruba language we could understand. After explaining to Baba my problem, he asked us the colour we painted the house and I told him it was a white colour. He said we should repaint the house. According to how his son interpreted, he said we should paint the outside light magenta colour.  “Once we do it, it would prevent evil spirits from coming near. They would just flee.” Uchenna gave Baba N20,000 and he asked us to go. Me sef com dey fear. “Just like that! Nothing again,” I said to uchenna. “Oya wetin you want again! make we kill human being,” Abisoko said to me. Because I felt everything looked too simple to me. Just to paint the house, outside light magenta colour. ‘Dat one no be problem’ I assumed to myself. We left the place back to Illorin. I even thought my guys (Uchenna and Abisoko) would stay back in Ibadan, but they didn’t. Na so dem still follow me reach Kwara state. As we entered Illorin, Adaobi called me. I had even forgotten I have some business with her friend Nuella. I was so engrossed in my family problems. When I picked Adaobi’s call, she sounded annoyed with me for not picking Nuella’s calls and replying series of text messages she had been sending me. Na so I come dey beg her make she no vex say I go call Nuella. She said Nuella had been down, crying because I had ignored her. “And this time in her life is when she needs support and encouragement mostly.” I didn’t want to start telling Adaobi what was going on in my family. After dropping the call with Adaobi, I called Nuella. Infact as the thing dey ring once na so she pick. “Ahhhh Ghadebo, you just forgot about me,” she said with a weak and teary voice. That was one thing about Nuella. Her emotions and soft display gets me weak. I first apologized to her for the way I treated her, walking out on her the day she told me she was pregnant. I used the family problem as the excuse. When I began telling her what was happening, how we (Abisoko, Uchenna and i) were just returning from Ibadan to see a powerful man of God because of the issue. Nuella felt pity for me. She no come dey vex say I no dey reply her text messages. She was only vexed that I never opened up to her until that moment. She said she would come to Ilorin to see me the next day. But I told her to stay back and after everything, I will come back and see her. After much talk, I told her I would send money to her account just to make up for what I did against her. After ending the call, I began wondering what will now happen to Funke. “What will Funke do when she eventually finds out that Nuella was pregnant for me?”  “How would she take it sef?” All that were few questions ringing on my mind. And na Funke I like oooo. Nuella, I no just know wetin dey draw me to her. Couple of my friends had said that she understands my weak point. Knowing fully well that I was emotional, she (Nuella) uses that to get me.

As we were heading towards my place in Ilorin, we branched to a popular paint shop. We asked the sellers how we could get the light magenta colour. One of them said we should buy a red  and cream colour paint and mix them together.  Na so I buy enough one wey go dey enough for the whole buildings, both the tenants section and our own. We got home and my mom was already back from the man of God, Afa she said she went to consult but it was unfortunate, the man was not around. I told her that we had gotten a solution. I didn’t tell her it was a Babalawo’s place we went to. I only told her it was a prophet’s own and explained what he told us to do. I called the number of the contractor that handled our building. I told him to give me the contact of the painter. I contacted the painter but he said he was out of town and would be coming back the next week. “Next week too far nah,” I thought. We wanted a painter or painters that would do the job the next day. We looked for another painter and we got 5 of them that evening. They agreed to start work the next day which was a Sunday.

After all agreements to pay the painters handsomely, we didn’t sleep in that compound, rather we moved to a hotel, I and my 2 friends and mom.

The next day, the painters came early and started the job. It took them 3 days to finish the job. I gave them their balance. My guys had already gone back to Ibadan. I felt everything had become okay, but with still little doubts on my mind. We moved back to the house. After the first night, it was only I and my mom slept in the house. We slept so freely. My mom recalled the housekeepers the next day. Night came,

<<<<< To be continued from Episode 14 >>>>>> 


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