Confession of A Funaab Yahoo Boy: The Tales Of Gbadebo----- (Episode 18)

Created: Friday, 08 January 2016 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Author of this work is Christian C. Ozor

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Episode 18 continues ......

They all denied having anything to do with my room. “Na who come enter my room go take am?” Because I could remember, that locker was where I kept all those documents immediately after my mom’s death. “I didn’t know what to do. My late mom’s shop that was put on sale, no reasonable amount has been placed on it by buyers. Business don fall. The place had been locked. Some things inside the shop don dey spoil sef. I just needed some money to bring back my business.” The only money I had on me was N7,000. All the tenants, there rents were yet to be due.

Some days later, I noticed that all the family members that came for my mom’s burial none of them were leaving. All the 11 old men and women, plus their children, none of them wants to leave. Earlier, I had asked when they would leave but they were telling me “soon.” Soon no dey reach? It had been over 2 weeks since after the burial of my mom and yet dem no wan find their way go. The two bags of rice wey dey house don finish. Food dey burn and they still want to stay. I reminded them again  and one of them said he and his family were not leaving. They were staying put in that house permanently. Na there I know say dem don craze. Na so I begin para ooo come dey hala for them say na weekend I give them make them leave the house. One of the women laughed at me. She said I can’t do anything, and I can’t do more than a dead rat. I still maintained on my words that if they didn’t leave by weekend, I would deal with them.

After the threats, that night, I started having dreams of masquerades chasing me with cutlass. Before I knew what was happening, I started having strange headaches. Couple of friends asked me to leave the house for the main time, but I refused. Still, after the weekend deadline passed that my late mom’s relative should leave, the family members stayed put. One of them went ahead to even bring police to arrest me, claiming that I was an outcast. It took couple of friends to bail me out after series of negotiations. “All these for the house wey I build ooo.” One of my friend’s dad who came to bail me queried the police for arresting me instead of the family members. The police officials said, that I didn’t report first, that it was because the family members reported the issue first so they had to arrest me.

After the bail, after spending 2 days in police cell, I returned to the house. My house was locked from inside. I hit the door countlessly for anyone inside to open but still no one came forward. But I presumed that people were inside the house. The way I was shouting and ranting, 2 tenants came out of their houses. “They were aware of what had been going on in our house.” The tenants suggested I should go call the police. One of them even followed me to the police station. Na so we call police come compound come arrest them (the family members). Na one knock the police officers knock wey the family members open door by force. I was happy that the police would help me get those people out of my house. Na so those people lie say na dem get house. That the house was built by their great great grand parents who gave it to them. “What a rubbish lie.” The police said they were not going to do much on the matter. Since it was a family matter, we should resolve it. They said they were not ready to chase anybody out, and we should resolve the whole issue. The police officers said I claimed that my mom built the house, that I should bring out the certificates. “Chaiiii, na there I tell them say dem(the family members) don steal the thing.” Na so officers burst laugh as if I was a coward. They said I have no prove of the ownership of the house. As we were still arguing, it looked as if something crawled through my head. I began feeling an abnormal strange headache. I was rushed to the hospital and was admitted. Na so dem put drip for my body. Days past and still in the hospital. Each nights I keep having strange dreams of my mom telling me to leave the house for them. “Gbadebo, fi-le funwa,” she would scream at me in the dream to leave the house for them.

Finally, I felt in my heart to leave the house and move to a friend’s own. The day I had that feeling of moving leaving the house and moving to a friend’s place, the strange headache stopped, I was discharged after 6 days and nights in the hospital. None of the family members came over to see me. It was friends and tenants that took care of me in my condition. The remaining house keeper had tried so well. I asked her to go back to her guardian, since the woman, my mom was dead. We no longer needed her services. And I didn’t want to endanger her life by allowing her stay with my mom’s relatives at the house. I asked her to go and she did.

2 days later, I got a call from the landlord of the shopping complex where my mom had her shop. They said they had been trying my number for days and it was not going through. They said I should come and move her remaining things out of the place because the rent was due. I told them that I would come, that they should exercise patience. I was making arrangements if I could get someone that will take the properties at cheaper prices.

After two weeks, I had finally gotten someone who said she wants to buy up the properties in my late mom’s shop. The woman called me while I went to meet her at her place. From there we went to the shop and met the shock of my life. The shop had already been taken by someone else. While properties inside were packed outside. Rain sef don beat the properties, clothes, chairs and other things. The thing pain me reach bone. I had to call the owner of the complex. She said it wasn’t her fault that they had already informed me but I refused to come pick up the stuffs so they had to pack them outside for the new occupier to move in. The interested buyer wasn’t pleased with some of the things she saw. After a targeted price I had placed on my mind. Na there price change oo because rain don spoil some of the things like provisions and eatable stuffs. The woman selected some few things she could. She come give me N100,000. I rejected it because what she took was way up to N1m and was giving me N100,000. She was saying that she doesn’t even need them, only that she just pitied me. She was even encouraging me to take the money because even if I didn’t, those things will stay there and rot away. I saw some sense in what she was saying. But what she was offering me was way too low, “peanut.” My friend I came there with took me to a corner to advise me. He said I should ask the woman to just add small money on the N100,000. He said that if I refuse to give it to the woman, I may not see any other person that will buy the goods again. “Goods wey the former owner die.” “Naija wey we get funny superstitious believe.” I heeded to my friend’s advice and asked the woman to add some money on top of the N100,000 she offered considering that we didn’t even have reasonable stuffs inside the shop before my mom died. “My mom sef didn’t go to market for a period of 4 months before she died. Our shop was even getting empty sef then.” At first when I told the buyer to add more money to the one she offered, she refused but later added N5,000 to the N100,000. I collected it and went my way.

Three days later, I started noticing that I was having burning sensations around my body. Each time I want to urinate, na mixture of blood and urine dey come out. “Chaiii, Another trouble.” My friend Ali I was staying in his place. He attends Mountain Of Fire ministries. Ali said I should follow him to their church to see his pastor. I refused. I don tire to dey go pastor own. If I still go there, the small money wey I get, dem go still collect am from me. I totally refused to follow him go see his pastor.

Days past, I was looking slimmer. My eye balls were becoming whiter with my palms. I was noticing it and was ready for anything, even if it was death. “I was tired of the life and sufferings I was going.” With what I was going through, I find it difficult to urinate. I vomit often. I had gone to about 2 hospitals and doctors couldn’t diagnose anything. The worse part of it, I got a call from the tenants staying at my place. They said my mom’s family members had threatened them out of the house. Infact they went ahead to bring a calved wooden figurine threatening them that if they didn’t leave the house, they all would die. Me sef come tire. I didn’t know what to do. At my very young age, going through all those kind of things. I was so tired of life. “My academics was still hanging with 2 courses still holding me. CGPA don drop drastically”. Na third class I dey. “My health was going down and I don’t just know if I was cursed!” I was still yet to tell Ali about my dubious means, my yahoo yahoo dealings in the past. He was just seeing me as a humble innocent young man. Yes, that is what I am, but what I was, he doesn’t know. On several occasions, he had invited a prayer group from their church to pray for me.

On one of the visits of the prayer group, one of the pastors said I was the cause of my problem. He said I should confess my sins, do restitution and I would be free from all the problems I was going through. “Infact he vividly said I had a covenant with the devil which had expired. The covenant requires renewing that’s why I was going through all that and if I didn’t renew it, it would cost me my life.” But I thought it to be a foolish decision. “I am the only one (except Abisoko and Uchenna) who knew how I got the money to build house and other things I did. I was leaving a life of lies.” My friend Ali  had asked me if I was hiding anything from him, but I told him, “none.” Denying all the pastor had said. To me, I didn’t believe all that the pastor had said. The ones I believed duped me. I and my mom were conned. “It’s another avenue to be conned,” I thought to myself. But I was going down health wise, physically. Life was becoming boring and vague to me. The once Gbadebo that was smart and intelligent, great dreams had become a shadow of himself.

This particular Thursday, I was vomiting blood, Ali was not at home. He had traveled to Ibadan for some pressing issues. I felt weak. It looked as if I was going to die. I had to manage myself and went to a nearby chemist shop. The woman said she can’t do anything for me, that I should go to the hospital. She had to beg her brother to help accompany me to the hospital. The brother agreed as we left for the hospital with his motorcycle. The boy sef no try. He just dropped me and  helped me into the waiting corner whilehe left. I was seated at the place to see the doctor when a man who was wearing a white garment like celestial church member was jumping from corner to corner preaching and laying hands on people. He was accompanied by two ladies and a man, all wearing white garment. I guessed they were from a celestial church. Women were coming to him, bringing their children for the man of God to lay hands on them. He was speaking in Yoruba language.  Some were like, “daddy you have not touch my child oooo.” “No be wetin I come for be this nah” I thought to myself. I had to call one of the nurses who was busy directing the scenes of the man of God. She was carrying the cele man of God from place to places. I called her to attend to me. Na so dem just ignore me. “Abi dem no know say my own na emergency case.”

After many minutes of the Pastor with prayers, the doctors started attending to us. I was given an injection and some drugs. I began feeling very weak. I was asked to come back the next two days.

Two days later, I was feeling a little better. I went back to the hospital and still saw the Cele man of God I saw two days back. “It seemed they were now turning the hospital into a healing school or prayer ground.” The man of God of was laying hands on people with his deep Yoruba accent. As usual, mothers carrying their children to him for special laying of hands.

I was just sitting on my own when the man of God came to me and shouted my name, “you Gbadebo Alaba,” as if we had met before. He spoke in Yoruba. I just dey look the man. He didn’t only mentioned my name but also called my matriculation number. He asked if he was right about my matriculation number. Na so I dey struggle to answer “yes.” Because I was shocked and surprised how he was able to know. I wondered maybe he knew me before. He said my mom died some months back and stated the cause of her death. He also said that family members had chased me out of the house I built. He asked if he was right and I said, “yes.” Na so everybody come dey shout, because he was saying it to everyone’s hearing. Na so fear come dey catch me ooo. “How the man take know all these things.” He said I might think he knew me, but he doesn’t. That he was just a man of God that God had ministered about me. He said he would prove to me that God was the one ministering to him about me, “as if he knew I was still doubting.” Na so this man tell me the food wey I eat that money. He told me the rout I followed when I was coming to the hospital. And he asked if he was right? And I said “yes.” People wey dey hospital come dey shout ooo. He told me that seeing him today, all my problems were over. “I was still in shock.” I had heard that couple of times but was yet to see the reality. He said they would be having a program at their church the next day, that I should try and come. He said the program would be in the morning by 8:30am. I told him I would make it. Na so some women for their dey shout Halleluya, waving their hands as if it concerned them.

I was determined to get freedom and if going to the church would be the way out, I was ready even though I had little doubts on my mind.

The next day, as early as 7am, I had already prepared and went to the white garment church through the address the man of God gave to me. When I got to the church, I met scanty place with few ushers. “I think say the man talk say them get program.” But everywhere was scanty. I asked one of the ushers what was going on and she said it was a deliverance program which would start by 8:30am. Time at that moment was 7:45am. Na so I begin wait. Some few people come dey come into the church. Many wore white and some on mufti. I guessed those of us on mufty were just first timers. At 8:30am, the population of people in the church was up to 32. The singers began singing songs. “I had attended churches even though it has been long I attended one. But I have never attended a church like this one. The way they praised God, everyone was just jumping and screaming.”  The screams and shouts were distracting me. It looked as if I was watching a movie. A woman close to me began jumping like a monkey. She nearly gave me a head butt as she was jumping like a monkey screaming “Jah Jehovah Armageddon.” Na so people just dey fall anyhow for ground. All those things began distracting me. Na all those people I come dey look. As I dey look, na so somebody hit my shoulder from back. I turned to know who the person was. It was a woman. He said the pastor wants to see me. Naso I follow her comot. She carry me go one place. I guessed it was the children auditorium. The pastor was sitting on a chair with about 2 men and 3 women surrounding him. All wearing a white garment. As we walked in, the man of God asked me to seat. He called my name and said I was welcome to their church. Na so I bowed in respect as he stretched his right hand for a hand shake. I gladly had a hand shake with him. He asked me to sit and I did. Others in the place sat down too. He asked me how I was doing and I told him I was doing fine. He asked if I was enjoying the church program. I told him “yes.” *for were!* me wey just they look people wey dey fall. He began to ask me series of questions concerning my background and family, in which I told him. Na there he began advising me that I need deliverance. I needed to be delivered from oppression of the devil. He asked if I was willing to go through the deliverance session. I said provided it would end all the pains and iniquities of my life. He said that my own deliverance session will start the next day in the morning. That I should come prepared. He said I should come with six canes. “I began wondering what they would be using the canes for.” I guess the pastor saw the expression on my face. He said I shouldn’t be afraid, that the next day, the devil will leave my life. And that we were going to be flogging the devil. We were going to be flogging demons out of my life. Na so I talk “Okay ooo.” I believed that the next day would be the end of my travails. I was in happy mood that I had found solution to my problems. “Devil go here am. The devil is indeed finished.” “Pastor cele go deal with all those demons we dey fight my life.” I left the place happy.

The next day, I came as early as 7am to the church. I just wanted the deliverance to start up for the devil to be chased away out of my lives. I waited till the church was opened around 8:25am. By 9:20am, the pastor had arrived. They took me to their children auditorium. There were other people that came for deliverance too. All of us carrying 6 canes each. I was told my own deliverance session would start by 11am so I had to sit in the auditorium. They said they would be conducting the deliverance of everyone in that place.

One of the members came with his bible to the pulpit and started a prayer session. As the prayers started, na so some of the members wearing white garment began jumping again like drunk monkey, screaming “jah, jah, jah.” Na so people just dey fall. Even people that came for the deliverance were falling. I could recognize them because they were not wearing the white garment so I felt they were visitors and non-members that came for deliverance.

At 10:15am, they called out one lady and asked her to kneel and she did. They started praying for her. Suddenly the woman began jumping and shouting. The pastor asked them to get the 6 canes the woman brought. Na so pastor collect one of the cane come flog the woman. She screamed and shouted “Jesusssssssss”. Me sef come begin wonder why the pastor was flogging the woman. “Shey na so dem dey do the deliverance, with cane?” Na one wey pastor flog this woman she hala “Jesu Christi.” Other men and a woman of God with the pastor collected their own cane and began flogging the woman. The woman was rolling on the ground. As I was looking at it, I began wondering whether it was the cane each and every one of us brought they will use in flogging us. Chaiii, na so I look my cane as I carry the thing for hand. If it was what I was thinking! “Whether to just walk out of the church.” They use cane to conduct deliverance. That was why we were asked to get canes. I called one of the ushers and began asking her what was going on. Because I never still decode wetin dey happen. “Shey na cane una take dey do una deliverance?” I asked. She asked if it was my first time of coming to the place and I told her “yes,” it was my first time. Na so this lady begin explain to me ooo, say na so them dey do their deliverance for there. He said they often flog out demons and evil spirits operating in people’s lives. And I began wondering, “so na so this people go take flog me with cane?” Na so I look finish, I no be small pikin wey them fit just flog like that nah. I took my bible and left the church. As I was leaving out of the church, one of the men of God followed me outside. He began asking me why I was leaving. Na so I tell him say I no just understand, say na cane them wan flog me as deliverance. He looked at me as i said that. He said he doesn’t have much to say but if I work out of that place with my problems, that I won’t wake up alive the next day. “He said he was seeing deaths around me and if I didn’t do that deliverance that day, my own was finished.” The way the man was talking to me; the look on his face suggests I was truly in danger. Immediately he said those words to me, he turned around and went into the church. Na so I come dey fear ooo. “So na cane dem go take flog demons and problems comot from my life?” Part of me was telling me to go back into the church so I would be free. The pastor had already told me that after the deliverance, the family members in my house would leave. Infact na run dem go take comot leave the house and out of my life. But another part of me was telling me I was sinking deeper into problems; and that place was not to be. As I was busy contemplating on going back to the church or leave, one of the ushers came to me and encouraged me to take the pain and, “infact Jesus took worse.” According to the Bible. “But I no be Jesus na.” She said many people come from all over the word for the deliverance and after that, their lives didn’t remain the same. As she said that, part of me said it was true, that after undergoing the deliverance session, my life won’t remain the same, it will turn out to be worse. Na so the usher come dey tell me say she don see say devil no want make I dey delivered. That’s why he’s putting doubts in my mind. She began preaching the act of faith to me. I no know when I follow her enter inside church. I met them flogging another group of 2 people. They were 4 in number flogging the two men. “The sound of the strokes of canes were like thunder in my ears that I was so afraid.”

Couple of minutes later, the Pastor pointed his hand to me to come forward. I came out. He asked me to go on my knees and I did. Na so the other 3 men of God gather around me come dey pray. I closed my eyes but was also blinking to see when or if they will flog me because the usher said they might not flog me depending on how the pastor was led in the spirit. As I was kneeling and prayers being said, the pastor shouted at me to close my eyes very well or God will slap me. Na so I close my eyes. As I closed my eyes, it looked as if I was seeing old women with cutlasses chasing me. Before I knew what was happening, a stroke of cane landed on back, ‘wiam.’ I didn’t know when I screamed “Yay, blood of Jesus.” Na so the strokes of cane begin hit me ooo. I was just shouting as I stood up and ran to one corner, the four men including the pastor followed me with the cane and was still flogging me. The pastor was shouting that the evil demon in me was too strong and stubborn. I didn’t know when I ran out of the church but the gate men stopped me and held me as if I was mad. I told them to leave me and they refused. I was struggling for them to leave me but they over powered me and took me into the church. “These guys think say I dey joke. I no want again!” I shouted. I began shouting that I don’t want the deliverance again. But not for them because the pastor said they were just starting. “We must destroy you stubborn demon,” the pastor was saying. Na so the gatemen pin me to the ground and pastor continued flogging me oo. I was feeling massive pain and becoming weaker that I couldn’t react and they stopped. I thought I was going to faint. Bruises all over my body. Two ushers came and drag me to one corner. The shirt I worn had badly torn due to the cane strokes. 


<<<<< To be continued from episode 19 >>>>>


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